3 (bad) ps of seo

I gotta thank Justin Briggs here at the Seattle WordPress Canp for this post.  I’m sure there are posts or articles out there, but just a heads up, but do NOT link to these 3 types of sites:

  1. Porno
  2. Pills (viagra and the spammy like websites)
  3. Poker (gambling)

The first topic is definitely obvious, but when I’m talking about “pills”, I’m not saying “pill related businesses” like drug companies, but rather terms or websites like “viagra” related sites.  Unfortunately, people have abused “viagra” and related websites online.  And when you think about it, it’s very close to “porno” because it’s dealing with “sex” to a significant extent.

Poker’s popular.  And so I say “poker” obviously because it’s the most popular form of gambling recently most likely due to ESPN’s support of the World Series of Poker and it’s “perception that it’s not ‘gambling’ as much are the rest of the games in a casino.”



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