Google is constantly looking for “brand signals.”  One of the biggest ones is (you guessed it!):

and I’m going to assume you have this.  If not, you better add this to your other 3 steps you’ll be needing to do RIGHT AWAY!

So, what are they?  (drum roll please…)

1. Build and keep an active Pinterest Business page

If you don’t think you can keep it active, you are so wrong.  I barely have time in the day to use the bathroom, but it doesn’t take much time at all to periodically pin a few things you like.  Do you enjoy looking at pics of cars?  Done.  Are you into clothes?  Done.  Do you eat?  You obviously do and you can at least pin a few things you want to eat later.  Again, done.

Get on this!  It has a domain authority of 100 according to Moz’s OpenSiteExplorer.

Just go here to start the process.

And make sure you place a backlink back to your business.

Yes, we practice what we preach for clients who want SEO in Seattle.

2. Build and keep an active LinkedIn Business page

No, I’m not telling you to go and update your profile so that you can go get a job.  If you don’t understand the benefit of doing this now, you should probably focus on your professional profile and keep “working for the (wo)man!”

But if you are serious, follow this link and make sure your business details are up to date.

Oh yah, they have a perfect 100 for domain authority too.

and again, don’t forget to link back to your business.

Here’s our page and yes, it probably needs to be updated as a leading Seattle SEO Agency.

3. And build an Instagram Business Account

I know what you’re thinking.  My business has no photos or reason to post photos on some social media that does “just photos.”

Well, you’re wrong.

1st off, people love pictures and that’s partially why has a domain authority of 100.  However, before Pinterest came along, people were using Instagram and honestly, the numbers are still there.

As a close 2nd, I’m thinking that Instagram is a great audience to support your social media efforts.  The following is a little old (back in June), but recent enough to give you a clear picture:

I’m thinking you’re probably not WhatsApp or WeChat users because those numbers are mostly for Asia and elsewhere.

And I’ve heard lots of complaints about not being able to tweet or create videos for YouTube.  So, Instagram is your best bet.

While it’s not a perfect 100, it’s a close 99 for domain authority:

Go here to get started.

We did as your #1 Seattle SEO Firm on Instagram.  🙂

And even though I was planning on just sharing these 3 SEO tips, do realize that Twitter does have a high DA and frankly, it’s easy to manage that as well.  I manage 3 accounts for myself.

So, do it!

We do it.  Here’s our SEO Twitter Account.


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