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I’ve been asked to share some of my thoughts and ideas to listeners throughout the world about Organic SEO by the station manager at a top Internet Talk Radio Station: Toginet Radio – one of the world’s leading Internet Talk Radio stations. After I begged John to “take my time on it” and making my best efforts to do the best job possible leveraging some old experience here at this Busan Radio Station (and also my previous work for Seattle’s Top Newsradio station), I signed on and have promised to go live here in Spring of 2011.  The first show is scheduled for April 26th at 8pm PST on If you do want to listen, just surf to Toginet and click on the “Listen on Air” button in the top right corner.  I swear it will be the best SEO Radio program that’s online.  Currently, it may be the only (live) active one 😉

I’m truly excited, despite my best efforts to delay this, to be talking to many great small businesses throughout the United States and possibly throughout the world who want to market on Google, Yahoo and Bing in their natural search results. I believe I have a knack of making the complex stuff of SEO almost as elementary as your ABC’s. So, look out for updates here regarding when the show will be doing it’s first show. At this point, I believe the show will be on Tuesday nights at 11p EST and 8p PST (sorry for your East Coast Folks, but I’ll bet you stay up for me after you get a load of this!!!).

One of the great hosts of the station also invited me to guest host with her (Ally Loprete) show called “This Little Parent Stayed Home” which is a great online radio program helping stay at home parents figure out what they should do to be not only great parents, but make a little money to put food on the table. She’s literally one of the most fun people I’ve talked to recently and I’d recommend listening to her show. She also has a great resources directory for all of the U.S. states detailing self employed help for parents. The show airs on this Friday, February 23, 2011 at 6p EST & 3p PST.

Some of the other great hosts:

One of the funniest and best personalities I’ve met recently, Jill Hickey co-hosts the radio show “Raise your Glass” and runs a website called Not So Soccer Mom (  You should totally check her show out:

Radio Show for Cool Moms

Another awesome host on the station is Dani Walker. I had the privilege to talk to Dani and learn more about her radio show about helping people who are sick and want to get better with alternative, natural, and nutritional foods and products. Dani’s a natural wellness guru and someone you really would love listening to. She also has a website that you can learn more about how to stay well and prevent disease through all the “natural ways” that were meant to be used in the first place. Recently, she’s thinking that Spectramaxx is great because it’s an antioxidant, vitamin & mineral supplement that is full of organic fulvic acid which protects the entire body, organs, tissues etc from radiation exposure.  Lots of great stuff like this and more from Dani every day.  Go and learn with Dani!

natural wellness guru

Search Engine Optimization Radio