Have you ever wondered?

Can I save my searches in Google’s Keyword Planner?

Answer: No

While Google allows you to find:

Historic Data

For example:

  • Avg. monthly search volume
  • Monthly search volume by mobile or desktop
  • Search volume by country, state (region), city

It doesn’t simply save all your past research.  While you can save your keywords you just found in your plan like this (highlighted in yellow):

save kws in kw planner's plan

It won’t keep it indefinitely.

Another question: 

Does Google keep my history of searches specific to the account I use?

Answer: Yes, but you can’t see it.

What if you were logged into a client’s account and then start to use the Keyword planner to do queries completely unrelated to your client’s business?

Let’s say they were a Seattle area dentist.

What if you wanted to find data on some local lawyers, since you were pitching a new law firm.  However, you were worried that the dentist client would see your searches on the new prospects.

Well, you don’t have to worry.


#1, the dentist would have a hard time just finding the Keyword Planner.

#2, Google only stores that information on the backend in logs or other typical precautionary s/w analysis (with your permission, of course).

So, they don’t display the keywords UNLESS you save them like I show up above.

Google’s Keyword Planner Guide:


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