ClubHouse Valuation

as of Jan 21, 2021

$1 Billion USD

Source: Software Pundit on 2/19/21

ClubHouse Statistics by SoftwarePundit

(+ More stats inline) as of 2/19/2021

As of 2 days ago, here are some amazing stats that Bruce Hogan, Co-founder & CEO of SoftwarePundit shared on his site:

  • Clubhouse, the audio-only social media app, recently raised $100 million of venture funding in a round that valued the 10-month-old business at $1 billion. Its previous round valued the business at $100 million before the company had a public website.
  • Brief timeline of ClubHouse users
    • April 2020: ClubHouse launched
    • May 2020: 270 daily active users (DAU) w/ ~1500 DAUs by the end of the month
    • Dec 2020: 600,000 DAUs
    • Jan 2021: 2 mill DAUs
    • Feb 2021: 6 mill DAUs – Sources:  Techcrunch,  New York Times,  CNBC,  Medium
    • Feb 21, 2021: 10 mill DAUs

*Source below

ClubHouse Search Statistics from Google Trends

United States Search Demand for “ClubHouse App” and “ClubHouse”

Global Search Demand for “ClubHouse App” and “ClubHouse”

Visually Mapped GEO Search Demand for “ClubHouse App”

Visually Mapped GEO Search Demand for “ClubHouse “

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ClubHouse Stats from AppAnnie

as of 2/18/21

  • Social networking apps surpassed 9.6 billion downloads in 2020 and accounted for nearly 45% of all time spent on mobile
  • As of February 1, [ClubHouse] had over 3.5 million global downloads
  • 8.1 million by Feb 16, 2021
  • quickly garnered attention in the UK, Germany, Japan, Brazil and Turkey
  • and from China, Japan and Korea (in the past 2 weeks — anecdotal evidence I’ve seen and validated — i.e., beginning of February 2021)
  • exceeds 2.6 million downloads in the US alone

weekly downloads clubhouse

  • ClubHouse has inspired competitors including:
  •  Facebook  is  reportedly  beginning to build an audio chat product, aimed at rivaling  Clubhouse
  • Quilt, an audio social app focusing on wellness and community, just announced a  $3.5 million  seed round
  • Twitter is working on a similar product called  Spaces. Source
  • Globally, apps such as  Dizhua,  Tiya  and  Yalla  are attracting users in countries including China, the US and Egypt and Saudi Arabia and Turkey, with 174,000, 6 million and 34.5 million global downloads
  • Yalla, the app has been around since 2016.
  •  so far in 2021,  59%  of  Snapchat’s  iPhone users in the US also now use  TikTok  as of Jan 2021.

More from AppAnnie’s MobileMinute (the source of this data)

ClubHouse’s Popularity Outside the US

Country Rank
Australia 4th
Canada 2nd
France 10th
Germany 1st
Italy 1st
Japan 1st
Russia 15th
South Korea 1st
Spain 5th
Switzerland 4th
United Kingdom 6th

Top ClubHouse Clubs

as of 2/19/2021

Rank Category Club Name Total Members + Followers Creator
1 Hustle Startup Club 300,000 @ed
2 Knowledge Human Behavior 269,000 @digitald0ctor
3 Knowledge Tech Talks 218,000 ?
4 Hustle WomXn in Business 209,000 @xtinaholder
5 Knowledge Bitcoin 198,000 @alexthorn
6 Hustle Instagram Marketing Secrets – Tips, Tricks & Guidance 193,000 @marketing
7 Hustle Creative Executive Officers 158,000 @sdproffer?
8 Hustle Financial Literacy 152,000 @nichlasminter
9* Hustle The Hustler Club 146,000 @reemteam
10 Hustle Marketing Club 137,000 @mikeprasad
11 Wellness The Mindful Creative 124,000 @creative_ian
12 Tech Good Time 121,000 @sriram
13 Hustle Community Club 112,000 @ed
14 Hustle Digital Marketing Society 107,000 @kingerictyler
15 Hustle Stock Market Moves 104,000 @tahrim_kahlis
16 Hustle The Power Circle 102,000 @spectacular
17 Hustle Modern BLK Girl – Wealth Building for Women of Color 101,000 @modernmercer
18 Knowledge Talk Nerdy to Me 101,000 @techwithx
19 Hustle Future of Work 100,000 @mwm
20 Entertainment Too Broke for Therapy 96,500 @trey_cause

*OG Club should be ~9th fyi at 150,000’ish followers

Most Followed Clubhouse Accounts

Old list on Feb 5, 2021 (New Below):

Person Clubhouse Handle Number of Clubhouse Followers
Rohan Seth @rohan 1,700,000
Tiffany Haddish @tiffanyhaddish1 1,600,000
Paul Davison @paul 1,500,000
Marc Andreessen @pmarca 1,300,000
Van Jones @van 1,300,000
Jared Leto @jaredleto 1,300,000
Fadia @fadia 1,200,000
Ben Horowitz @bentonio 1,200,000
Andrew Chen @andrew 1,200,000
Harry Stebbings @harrystebbings 1,100,000
Katie Stanton @katie 1,100,000
Sam Altman @sama 1,000,000
Erik Torenberg @erik 1,000,000

New list on 2/18/21

Rank Clubhouse Handle Followers Following
1 @rohan 3,400,000 588
2 @tiffanyhaddish1 3,000,000 982
3 @fadia 2,100,000 818
4 @katie 2,000,000 611
4 @erika 2,000,000 1400
4 @harrystebbings 2,000,000 175
7 @karencivil 1,900,000 410
7 @virgilabloh 1,900,000 102
7 @erik 1,900,000 208
10 @swan 1,800,000 1400
10 @podfather 1,800,000 677
10 @sheel 1,800,000 222
10 @alexia 1,800,000 386
10 @maran 1,800,000 383
10 @goodpeoples 1,800,000 1100
16 @yayalexisgay 1,700,000 477
16 @imani 1,700,000 419
16 @ronenv 1,700,000 867
16 @ryandawidjan 1,700,000 239
16 @eobaah 1,700,000 454
21 @mason 1,600,000 219
21 @a18n 1,600,000 684
23 @21savage 1,500,000 181
23 @ericw 1,500,000 299
25 @dnice 1,400,000 950
25 @wenah 1,400,000 821
27 @metroboomin 1,300,000 415
27 @iamstillpunch 1,300,000 1000


ClubHouse Stats in China

  • Clubhouse is on the Weibo trending chart. One day after Elon Musk appeared on Clubhouse, the hashtag “Clubhouse Invite Code” appeared as a trending topic on the Chinese social media platform.
  • Invite codes are for sale. Clubhouse has become so popular in China that those with invitations are now selling it on Xianyu, China’s second-hand marketplace app
  • In a sign of how desperate some Chinese netizens are to have a voice on Clubhouse, invitation codes for the app are now sold at 150 yuan to 400 yuan ($23 to $62) on Taobao, an online marketplace owned by Alibaba Group Holding. On Weibo, a Twitter-like app in China, the hashtag #Clubhouse invite code in the past week topped the trending chart. Source
  • Chinese ecommerce sites have been selling thousands of Clubhouse invites for up to $77, according to The Financial Times. Source
  • Tech insiders are already talking about copying it.  PMs are wondering aloud who will copy it first. Wu Yunfei, a member of the product team behind  Dizhua  (递爪), an app similar to Clubhouse,  wrote that  he entered a Clubhouse room with hundreds of Chinese product managers and had “mixed feelings” hearing people talking about how to copy it to China. Justin Sun, a Chinese entrepreneur who founded crypto platform TRON, quickly  announced on Twitter  that he was building a similar app named “Two” to replicate Clubhouse’s success in China.
  • Clubhouse app technology runs on’s platform; is an audio tech startup in  Shanghai, China, which went  IPO  on June 21, 2020.
  • On 8 February 2021, the app was blocked in mainland China.

ClubHouse Stats in Japan

  • Private social audio app Clubhouse is growing rapidly in Japan and now ranks first among free apps on Apple’s App Store in a test of its international viability following its latest funding round.
  • In Japan, it hit a tipping point over the last week with a swelling user base of investors, tech industry workers and media (as of Jan 31, 2021)
  • Fashion billionaire Yusaku Maezawa is among public figures shifting activity to the app to talk about the money giveaways that helped make him Japan’s most followed Twitter account with more than 10 million followers.
  • Clubhouse, which is backed by venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, is attracting celebrities including Atsushi Tamura, a tech-savvy comedian who invested in recently listed startup Base Inc.
  • Japan’s entertainment industry is fragmenting as alternative platforms like YouTube weaken the grip that talent agencies and broadcasters held over the lives of performers.
  • Japan has been slow to ride a global boom in audio content, with players like Asahi newspaper belatedly launching their own podcasts.

Popular Regular ClubHouse Rooms

  • Felicia Horowtiz’s Virtual Dinner Party: Saturdays at 5p PST Hosted by Felicia Horowitz (backer Ben Horowitz’s wife)
  • ClubHouse TownHall: Sundays at 9a PST Hosted by Paul Davison (Co-Founder), Rohan Seth (Co-Founder) & Anu
  • Good Time: Nightly at 10p PST (with some days off) Hosted by Sriram Krishnan & Aarthi Ramamurthy

Past Virtual Dinner Parties by Felicia Horowitz

Past ClubHouse Town Hall Updates:

Feb 21, 2021

-New room limit is 8k
-10 million weekly active users
-People creating production companies specifically for CH / brands wanting them matched up
-Tipping will be to creator, possibly not rolled out to creator pilot group first?
-Want to build tools enabling room creators being sponsored
-Some people using clubhouse as a full time job now
-First discovery engineer joined the team
-CH has blocked the ‘bot’ accounts used for the audio leak and are working to prevent a repeat of it in the future

Feb 14, 2021

Notable Events
-Paul was late due to being in an onboarding room for Senator Tim Kaine!
-2700 rooms this week about love
-Bumble CEO/COO talked about their IPO
-Brazil does a wakeup show similar to Axel’s goodnight show
-Christen played a tribute to Rahaf’s late mother
-Steve Ballmer talked on good time from his hot tub
-No date for elon and kanye yet but things are in motion
Product News
-reiteration of share link function (available via the ‘+’ icon)
-reiteration of accessibility improvements
-Lullaby Axel is now the new app icon
-new location for club request form : faq > club link
-Club requests being processed today (Feb 14)
-Calendar overhaul coming
-Don’t want anonymous entry into rooms
-Do want room entry / get on stage quietly
-Want to avoid the celeb mobbing, also want to fix not being able to say why you can’t join the stage
-Want to address this also in social rooms
-Changing interest does not change feed immediately, but will over time
-Verification codes via email is actually a bit of work but probably eventually
-Android development starting now ; first android engineer starting this week
-Reiterating giving a moderator badge does not impact room notifications
-Some people have ‘security moderators’ to deal with disruptions
-Current ‘verified’ system is when people link twitter / instagrams, ie if they link a verified account elsewhere they are the real person
-Will be able to / have offensive / insensitive rooms marked as such
-Next release will have features for onboarding an entire community to clubhouse

Feb 7, 2021

A few interesting possible feature mentions for clubs : Showing club events right on the club page (as well as possibly also doing this for users, ie all the events you schedule will be shown on your profile page)
-There was also a mention of being able to differentiate club founders from admins/members (to address the possibility of being removed from your own club due to the eventual Club Drama)
-Discussion on filtering based on language due to Clubhouse’s expanding global reach!
-Discussion on broadening the types of Clubhouse links that can be shared (ie: links to profiles and club pages)
-Some community members have hardware hacks to make CH more like an actual radio call-in show (google for this!)
-Some form of ‘green room’ functionality (kind of like how you can have a private club room before taking it public) is coming!
The 5K room member limit will eventually be increased, with a goal of having it infinite!
-Making someone a moderator does  NOT  have any impact on the room notifications (bap the clout chasers on the nose when you see them doing it!)
-Tipping is still coming, some discussion of whether to make it externally accessible (ie you can tip creators from outside of Clubhouse)
-Accessibility fixes for people who are blind coming (currently some buttons don’t have proper text labels)
-IMPORTANT: There is a growing house-husband movement on Clubhouse that we should all be very thankful for. MORE TO COME!
Other than that, it seems that the NYT vs Techbro war firmly centered in Clubhouse has no signs of abatement!

Jan 31, 2021

-The audience can now report trolling
-Sharing links from within a room to the room is coming!
-The issue with some external links to rooms not working (ie: when you share them via text message) should  be fixed!
-We heard again about the ‘one-off’ onboard feature coming soon (think of it like a club event you can schedule for onboarding)
-It’s Black History month! History Club will also be doing events on Black History during Feb too.
-Possible new Club features : Showing upcoming / past events right on the Club page!
-We heard a re-iteration of the fact that follow for follow rooms are not ok!
-We heard a re-iteration of the zero tolerance trolling policy, but also that false reports are equivalent in severity.
-A hack for the hard of hearing : You can pipe Clubhouse audio to Google Meet, turn on the closed captioning and it’s apparently quite accurate!

Jan 24, 2021

-Clubhouse (aka Alpha Exploration Co) has received more funding from a16z and 180 other investors.
-Not mentioned at the town hall, but still a thing, are some a16z changes like Sonal Chokshi leading the a16z content creation to include things outside of portfolio companies.
-Paul and Rohan have a blog post up at
-Android app is coming soon!
-Hiring also being done around accessibility / localization.
-Same day Club approval is coming!
-On the monetization horizon : Tipping (next 2 weeks), Ticketed events, and Subscriptions
-A creator grant program is also on the horizon!
-A notable event : A Moesha cast reunion on Clubhouse!
-A couple in Nigeria met over clubhouse!
-A ‘swipe away’ feature has been added to remove rooms you don’t want to see from the hallway, this will also factor into the algorithm (possibly at a future date).
-New options have also been added to the hand raise queue, you can restrict raises to club members or follows.
-Clubhouse is testing another higher quality audio feature.
-Clubhouse is also looking at ‘one-off’ event onboarding, ie a workflow and features to bring people on CH for an event. (Aside: I think this might already be in play for a few people on Substack like Mike Solana, if you do a paid signup to his  newsletter  you’ll be sent a link which lets you join his private club).
-Coming is the ability to share a link to a room from within the room itself vs the calendar.

Jan 17, 2021

-In general, the latest improvements made by the team have been centered on backend infrastructure and club creation infrastructure. This means that hopefully your club requests won’t take as long!
-Some user-tangible changes too! If you used the ‘creator name’ feature, you can now remove it. As with other app name changes, this is a one-time thing.
-You can now ‘long-press’ or tap and hold on someone’s name to report a troll. This allegedly will lead to ‘permanent removal’ from Clubhouse.
-An upcoming feature will be the ability to ‘hide’ rooms from your feed, algorithmic consequences (ie you will see rooms like it less often) are also likely upcoming.
-Another upcoming feature will benefit public clubs : An ‘in-between’ state of no hand-raises or everyone can raise their hands, only people in the club can raise their hands.
-The ongoing question of a ‘creator’ user class has been answered with probably not, due to complexity.
-Future plans about clubs seem to indicate that the ‘best’ ones will feature more prominently (this probably means metrics). So in other words, how often a club does events / how well they are attended will probably affect your Club’s ‘rankings’ in Clubhouse.
-Clubhouse DM’s are coming!
-Recording a room on your own (as the creator for wider distribution) is fine if you let everyone know + get permission explicitly from all speakers.

Past Good Time Episodes:


*Source for the DAUs metrics on 2/21/21:

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