chatrouleteIn my efforts to present to many you folks out there who are hungry and curious about keyword opportunities, I was planning on simply going through a number of results Google returns for “top keywords.”  Of course, they own the adwords space and can advertise and pay basically as much as they want for the top sponsored listing which many times these days appears as the top listing in the organic results.

At the top today was the Google Zeitgeist 2010 advertising their findings from the year.

Clicking through to see what were the hottest search trends,  “chatroulette” was at the top of the list for the fasting rising queries this past year on Google’s search engine.  However, if you click through and open up the top 10 keyword list into another browser or tab within your internet viewing app of choice, “chatroulette” actually shows up 2nd to the more commercially advertised and almost ubiquitously known keyword, the  “ipad.” Right behind the phrase which represents a chatting website that gives you a chance to chat with a random person around the world was Apple Corp’s sister product, the” iPhone 4.”

Other search phrases in the top 10 list (depending on which one you view or click through to) were: sporting events like the “world cup” and celebrities “justin bieber” and “nicki minaj.”  However, there were a few on the list that were relatively new to me despite thinking I keep up with all the trends out there (unfortunately, there’s so many to follow…or maybe it’s fortunately?).

top 10 keyword search trends in 2010

The search phrases that I’m going to have to do a little homework on and might be new to you as well were:

  • friv (online games)
  • myxer (free ringtones, mp3s, wallpapers)
  • gamezer (multiplayer online games)
  • grooveshark (internet radio; I think I’ve heard this one before tho)
  • mocospace (another chatting app for mobile phones)

Like I said, my goal was to show you some opportunities to take advantage of if you would like to garner some visitors to your websites.  Organically, if the competition is weak and you optimize your websites well enough along with provide interesting enough content & build some links, you could find yourself at the top of the highly searched keywords.

chatroulette” appears to be a somewhat “low competition” phrase right now giving competitors in the space the ability to take away some users who are wanting to learn more about the randomizing chat website.  You can see them taking advantage of it like the 3rd result in the SERPs (search engine results page) for the search phrase:  At first glance, it looks like they created a copy cat site to take advantage of the searches on “chatroulete.” Another site taking advantage of the keyword trend is which has a site at There’s also videos of the random chat sessions people have.  Yes, it’s in video and you get to meet people randomly over video and audio.

Other interesting top 10 keyword trends lists in 2010 were interesting.  They include:

  • Fastest Falling keywords
  • Fastest Rising in Entertainment keywords
  • Fastest Rising in Sports keywords
  • Fastest Rising in Consumer Electronics
  • Fastest Rising in Food & Drink keywords from around the world
  • Fastest Rising Online Maps Searches
  • Fastest Rising People searches
  • Top In the News keyword searches
  • Fastest Rising Translations
  • Fastest Rising Health Search Queries
  • Fastest Rising Humanitarian Aid (my favorite)
  • Fastest Rising in Entertainment keyword searches

Frankly, I’m incredibly grateful to google and their zeitgeist.  Search keywords in general are simply interesting to see how society is “thinking and acting.”  Search truly gives us a barometer of what society is like.  Thank you google.

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