As the SEO industry went through a thorough shake out in early 2013, many people pointed to a strategy that’s been intuitive since the dawn of history: build good content and they will come.

Content marketing frankly has been the reason why newspapers and magazines have made trillions over the years and why a startup that focuses on content marketing just received $9 million in startup capital. I gave a lot of attention to the recent online reports by YEAH Local about internet user’s behaviors and for the past 8+ months, I’ve frankly helped build up the organic traffic for a Chinese Test Prep company I work for full time through building somewhat decent topical posts about the SAT or SSAT.  With just one person’s limited production of blog posts re: the topic, I’ve managed to increase the organic traffic 300% in the 2/3’s of a year I’ve been here.

So, I decided to profile 5 businesses that Mashable wrote about which “rock content marketing.” and share a few “content marketing infographics” that will be handy in you finding more out about what most of have known for years.

The first is Zady which sells apparel online.  Unlike which grew incredibly fast via social media, it looks like these guys are doing it according to Mashable through building the right content that people are attracted to.  

Sweetgreen, on the other hand focuses on food and it’s community.  So, it wraps up the best of what does and what our first example of how to do it right in content does.

The last three, we’ll let you discover a bit more on your own, but they supposedly rock the content marketing world: (which was down the night we checked it out) and

Here some great infographics and image maps of content marketing I found.  Enjoy!


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