I was asked by my friends at a great Women’s Organizations about the demographics in some of the top digital platforms targeting a specific age group and gender on:

  • FB
  • Insta
  • Tiktok
  • Youtube
  • Twitter.

Unfortunately, nobody’s built out my “VisiCalc” idea where you take the audiences of all the different platforms and you answer a question like this with just a few selections.

In order to solve this larger problem of not knowing where you can advertise, I’ve been building a document titled:

Largest Digital Marketing Channels

to fill the void for now.

Here’s a snapshot of all that’s available (without app usage data) of the

Top 12 digital properties:

However, they wanted more specific data.   In particular, they was asking for the 30-50 yo demographic and women in particular.

I knew the FB data existed readily along with YouTube potentially and maybe Pinterest.   The rest, I’m going to have to do a bit of digging. So, I’m going to share:

FB Women Audiences (30-50 yo) in Top Cities

Facebook Insights has most of this data available for public consumption.   So, I went into it to see what I could extract.   I’ll explain the steps I took so you can create the data sets yourselves.

I altered the age ranged to 30-50 and selected “Women.”   I got 40-45 million for the United States. When trying to add to the “Location,” we got a few different sets of numbers for the top cities selected. For example, when you clicked on the Location tab after trying to enter the “Location” field on the left when creating audiences, the numbers reverted to different figures.   Nevertheless, these seem to be the “rough estimates” for each of the larger demos for each of the top cities.**

  • United States: 40-45 million
  • New York: 1-1.5 mill*
  • Los Angeles: 700-800k*
  • San Francisco: 150-200k*
  • Miami: 200-250k*
  • Chicago: 500-600k*
  • Seattle: 150-200k*
  • Dallas: 250-300k*
  • Houston: 500-600k*
  • San Jose: 150-200k*
  • San Diego: 200-250k*
  • Philadelphia: 250-300k*
  • Austin: 200-250k*
  • Washington: 150-200k*
  • Boston: 100-150k*
  • Portland: 100-150k*


*Seems more representative

**Note that the #5 Phoenix, #7 San Antonio, #12 Jacksonville, #13 Fort Worth, #14 Columbus, #15 Charlotte, #17 Indianapolis, #19 Denver, #22 El Paso, #23 Nashville, #24 Detroit and #25 Oklahoma City are not here in the top 25 cities.

Top US Audiences on Facebook (women 30-50 yo)

Top 25 US Audiences on Google

Let’s start off the total population

  1. New York City 40,900,000^^
  2. Los Angeles 28,800,000^^
  3. Chicago 23,400,000^^
  4. Houston 13,500,000^^
  5. Phoenix 8,260,000^^
  6. Philadelphia 11,600,000^^
  7. San Antonio 5,870,000^^
  8. San Diego 5,550,000^^
  9. Dallas 18,900,000
  10. San Jose 4,300,000
  11. Austin 6,120,000^^
  12. Jacksonville 3,810,000^
  13. Fort Worth 2,340,000
  14. Columbus 8,240,000^^
  15. Charlotte 11,300,000^^
  16. San Francisco 11,600,000
  17. Indianapolis 4,960,000^^
  18. Seattle 7,990,000
  19. Denver 10,600,000^^
  20. Washington, DC 9,580,000
  21. Boston 4,770,000
  22. El Paso 1,340,000^^
  23. Nashville 6,820,000^^
  24. Detroit 8,950,000^^
  25. Oklahoma City 2,300,000^^

Other Top City Data on Google

  • (#26) Portland 5,320,000^^
  • (#27) Las Vegas 5,870,000^^
  • (#37) Atlanta 20,400,000^^
  • (#42) Miami 8,010,000
  • (#50) New Orleans 2,670,000^^
  • (#72) Orlando 9,910,000
  • (#115) Salt Lake City 4,280,000^^

Source for city population.   Source for google data. United States Total Population on Google Ads is 293,000,000. ^^Nielsen ® DMA ®

Pinterest Female Audience Data March 2021

Currently, over a billion visits occur on Pinterest:

Pinterest has historically been known to be a female friendly platform.   As a result, there are many women who are regular users:

Using this image and doing the math, we can say roughly:

  • 398,200,000 of the monthly visits are 18-24 yo
  • 337,770,000 of the monthly visits are 25-34 yo
  • 165,000,000 of the monthly visits are 35-44 yo
  • 111,100,000 of the monthly visits are 45-54 yo
  • < 55,500,000 of the monthly visits are 55-65 yo
  • < 55,500,000 of the monthly visits are 65+ yo

And the

Pinterest Gender Data

  • 585,200,000 of the monthly visits are women
  • 451,000,000 of the monthly visits are men
  • 63,800,000 of the gender is unspecified & custom

25-54 YO population is 613,800,000 users

Female Population on Pinterest between 25-54 years of age:

~326,541,600 monthly users

Quora Female Audience Data

43/57  female-to-male ratio

  • As of January 2019, Quora’s user base had a  43/57 female to male ratio, although it’s unclear why males prefer the platform. A  QuickSprout  article found that gender usage varies depending on the social media tool. If you’re targeting females, they tend to prefer Facebook for the personal connections it provides, whereas males tend to focus their time on tools that offer information and advice.

Other quora data

So, we can estimate that women on Quora equate to 216,857,600 monthly visits.

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