seo ratesSEOMoz surveyed many marketing agencies and got some great feedback on what all of them charged clients for Search Engine Optimization of their sites.  We’ve always tried to price fairly, but also reasonably so that honestly we could survive as a business entity.  While SEO is in high demand because of how efficient it is as a means to market to consumers, we never tried to leverage the demand in our favor.  So, where are we on this survey?

It looks like we price below the median when it comes to monthly retainers.  Our hourly rate is spot on with the median.  And frankly, we rarely charge the full $150/hour for clients if we are doing continuous work for them.  Our rate drives down quite reasonably to some of the minimums.  Again, we try to be reasonable.  What do you think is reasonable?  Have you ever run an agency?  In the past, marketing and advertising companies charged literally 100’s if not 1000’s of times more per hour or project.  So, frankly, we do price quite moderately.

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