Have you ever tried to find your google my business profile despite searching for your brand name?

I recently helped my friend who’s one of the Top Bellevue Realtors in Washington state.  He didn’t have his GmB set up because frankly he thought he didn’t need it.  He probably is still questioning why we went through the process, but since he trusts me, we went through the process and recently got it set up.

Before helping him, however, I searched for what the media tries to make us believe are the top realtors in the area.  Seattle Magazine most likely sold these realtors spots in their article, but maybe they fairly surveyed the area and selected these folks based on other metrics?  I don’t know.  Hard to say.

Nevertheless, what I did notice is VERY FEW of them had their profile come up when I searched for [Realtor Name] + Realtor.

You can see:

“kris holden realtor”

“kris kramer realtor”

kris kramer realtor

“fekade tessema-barke realtor”

fekade tessema-barke realtor

It happened to all the realtors in the list that I checked (LAURA BRODNIAK realtor [in Kirkland], CAROLYN ERICKSON realtor [in Seattle], EDDIE CHANG realtor [in Kirkland]*, DEBORAH TAYLOR realtor [in Renton]*, CHRIS HAYNES realtor [in Shoreline]).

Only DARRIN STUMPF realtor & CHRISTI IRWIN realtor had figured out what is happening across the nation: Google is taking over your website presence.  I’m not talking about just the fact that everyone uses Google, but Google my Business is becoming the de facto listing on the web in contrast to what we used to use (the yellow or white pages) to look up any business in any niche.  You need to be on top of your Google my Business listing!  

A Proper Google my Listing Presence in Bellevue

Right now, my friend doesn’t show up for his “name + realtor” searches, but it will.  It’s because we got it set up and we’ll be doing what we can to optimize it so that it does show up.

What happens after I claim my Google my business listing?

A) You could do nothing and it could potentially not show up

B) You could start optimizing it on your own.  There are many guides and tips online for you to follow.

C) You could talk to experts like us who know how to optimize the presence.  Frankly, there are more features coming out at regular intervals like the recent text messaging service they have placed in these accounts.

Given that many people throughout the world text instead of call, this is probably a very important feature you’ll want to activate.  With my many auto dealerships, I manage, I have seen it already grow immediately as a feature consumers are using.

People find it easier to text vs. call.


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