Facebook Marketing Solutions imageHope you get this in time, but tomorrow (December 17th, 2010) at 11a PST/7p GMT Facebook will actually answer your questions.  Yes, you will no longer have to do their work by posting your questions and answering how to fix your problem on their support/help section on their site (isn’t that smart? [some may say sneaky & pretty cheap for a company worth billions of dollars]).  Facebook is probably doing it to continue their huge reach on the Internet and get many small to large businesses to use Facebook as one of their main marketing engines.  Why not?  Since it’s not too difficult to create a facebook page & use it to post whatever you want, wouldn’t you want to do it?  I advise clients to do it & am willing to help do it for not only that site, but the many other social networking engines like quora.

Anyway, I’ll try to write down anything I learn from it.  If you don’t see anything here after this post, just think it as a very boring conference call (like most are frankly) and that I didn’t find any new learnings.  If you’re a client, I’ll tell you regardless if you ask.  Feel free to post your learnings and thoughts from the Facebook Live version of Facebook Office Hours.

Oh, by the way, even though it’s on the site, here are the Facebook sections for:


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