Fresh SEONo, I’m not talking about getting fresh with your neighbor…

Rather, just like I pointed out late last year, “freshness” of a website is making a big difference in your online presence – in terms of ranking with google.  I pointed out 35% of the searches were going to be affected by this, but now google has decided to move it over to the rest of the 65% remaining searches.

You had better not only have great and original content, but you had better have “fresh” new content if you’re listening to what google is telling us.

Monthly, google’s telling us about their changes to their algorithm and if you didn’t see this:

Improvements to freshness. [launch codename “Abacus”, project codename “Freshness”] We launched an improvement to freshness late last year that was very helpful, but it cost significant machine resources. At the time we decided to roll out the change only for news-related traffic. This month we rolled it out for all queries.

But yet you saw a drop in your rankings while your website stayed stale…now you know why.


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