fresh websites for seoA couple of months ago, I wrote a very extensive post about how 35% of the search results could change moving forward in Google.  Over the past year, Google’s been spending a bit of time on their Caffeine Web Indexing System incorporating it more and more into what people see daily in google.  However, I’m seeing more and more proof that google likes to see “fresh results” meaning “fresh websites” here in 2012.  Without going into full detail about all of them, what I can tell you here is that you should be doing things to keep your website fresh and not stale.  What do I mean?  Well, you should know.  We SEO’s have been talking about blogging for years – not only for the long tail of keywords, but when you think about it, it is also a way to keep your website fresh.  Additionally, there are other parts of your website that you should be updating constantly:

  • update your about page – you’re changing and so should your website
  • your service offerings – keep up with the times and so a dose of updating in those offerings might help your website as well
  • details about other products and services – it’s 2012, not 2011
  • if you have clients, hopefully the list has increased or improved – update it

Don’t rest on your laurels.  It’s an easy way to lose your business and lose your rankings.


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