In the past few months, our traffic on our SEO Blog for primarily Google Searches has grown significantly.  A majority of it’s come from people searching for terms like “most searched on google” or”top searches.”  The question most people should be asking now is “why?”  How can a small Search Engine Marketing firm outdo the likes of Search Engine Watch, viral websites like Happy Place which have huge teams of people and PC World?

Well, in our minds, it’s quite simple.  Give people what they want.  Let us explain…

Before we do, can we ask you a few questions to help you out with your business needs?
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You’ll notice we’re as high as #2 behind google for the first phrase I just mentioned:

Well, if you click on the 3rd result, you’ll notice that it’s about “insane suggestions by google.”  Now, is this “most searched on google” or is again, “insane suggestions by google.”  Obviously, this should show up #1 for the search by the same order of keywords.  But this should not belong even close to being #3 where it’s at right now.  However, it’s a viral answer and something that catches the interest and sense of humor of users of the popular search engine.  Over the long term though, it doesn’t answer the question “what’s the most searched on google?” which we believed what people were looking for.

If you click through to Search Engine Watch’s post that sits two spots below us, you’ll notice they give you resources on the “top searches on the Internet.”  So, this is good for a search like “top resources” or “sources of the top searches on the Internet.”  However, they make you do the extra leg of work that’s required to give you the answer we already provide.  We simply use all the resources they provide and actually give you the “top searches on the Internet” – primarily with a focus on Google.

So, when you look up the popular searches with Google’s Keyword Tool, make sure you think through what you think people are actually wanting.  If you can actually provide it, there is a decent chance over the long term your website may land in higher positions.  There are obviously many other factors as we have identified numerous times in posts like “SEO Basics,” “What is SEO,” or “Organic SEO” that also have a large part in how to show up higher.  However, ultimately, the answer must be good for it to stay in those positions.

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