plus one googleIn my SEO Radio Show with the guys at distilled in June, Tom Critchlow mentioned that we should be paying attention to +1 from Google coming out soon.  It will affect our SEO.

Just like Tom’s plea for us to watch more TED Videos, I’m going to make a plea to all my clients that they throw up the +1 Button on their sites.  Also, get your friends to +1 you when you get a chance.  Why?

For most of you who don’t have Google Webmasters accounts, this may be new to you, but you’ll see that Google’s tracking this.  plus one google webmasters
Not only is Google trying to get on the “like” bandwagon and apply the concept to websites, but they truly are giving websites the opportunity to get popular like we had the chance in high school or in our teenage years. They’re literally trying to give us the chance to “vote sites up the SERP” (search engine results page) and supposedly believe that people who are +1’ing us are probably more serious users of our websites.  They have an entire section of Google Webmasters dedicated to +1 which means to me they are quite dang serious about this.

google plus one audience

A Whole Section!  Yes, site performance gets one little link and part of Google Webmasters, but +1 gets a whole section dedicated to it including:

  • search impact
  • +1 activity
  •  audience
Keeping track of +1 has always been done, I’m thinking.  Google was watching your patterns when searching for something like “seattle seo” and when the 10 results came up, they were keeping track (I’m sure of!) which sites in the 10 were being clicked on and gave extra value to them as the “relevant” results and bumped them up higher in the search results.
seattle seo search
It’s just intuitive/logical that they would do this.  Now it’s a publicly controllable feature that is available to us all and we can see it now in Google Webmasters as website owners.
So, the next time you see our site:
Google Plus One
And  you see the +1 button either on our site…or you see the little icon to the right of the Title of the website that pops up a small text window saying “recommend this page”, please be logged into your google/gmail account and click it off for us.  We’ll be very appreciative!
seattle seo search plus one
And do it for your sites as well.  It will help you at least with Google!


By the way Tom, I kind of like Justin Bieber.  Yes, I’ll admit that.  😉

p.s. I want to thank Tom Critchlow and Rob Ousbey over at distilled for sharing this bit of wisdom with me on the show.  I owe them and Justin Briggs for some great ideas.


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