When visiting Search Engine Land, I noticed in their suggested articles that the 3rd Featured article at the bottom of the homepage was a story about how Blekko’s traffic increased (almost) 400%.

However, regardless of what they say about the search engine that claims it’s “free of spam,” it still has a LONG way to go in order to compete with Google or even with weaker search engines like Bing or Yahoo.

3 VERY apparent examples of why Blekko still sucks:

We did a quick search for “top websites” and on the first page of results, the old rock band ZZ Top was the 9th result:

blekko's search results

And this is the search engine you want to use to find “relevant results?”

For a search on one of the most popular phrases on the Internet that we show in our 3rd Study of the Most Popular Keywords on Google, “Facebook login” displays a VERY SPAMMY result as the 2nd website when doing the search on Blekko:

spammy search engine

spammy search engine

And when doing a search for “baseball scores,” the #1 result isn’t what it should be, but a weird result from reference.com:

This is how it “should be displayed” when we search for “baseball scores.” And this shows why Google continues to dominate.

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