Algorithm Change Penalties Can be Lifted for a Specific Website

Recently, I had a search for “when will google lift penalty of april 2012” bring a visitor to our blog.  We have a post that talks about when penalties can be lifted against a particular site where Matt Cutts, the head of the spam team, talks about the process to get reconsidered within the search engine results pages.  It shows up on the first page for this search.

But Penalties/Changes Will Not Change For Everyone Necessarily

However, I chuckled to myself when seeing this search that resulted in a visit to our site.  It’s because the answer to the person’s question is that they will “never” lift the penalty that they basically applied here recently.  While they may alter or adjust the new “Penguin” algorithm update to all the search results, they won’t lift the penalty or the change to their algorithm ever.  Rather, their goal is never to go backwards and they think this major change is a step moving forward in trying to achieve what they believe will provide more relevant results for people when they search for anything.

It’s going to cause pain and honestly, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I wouldn’t look for as much as a date or time when they will change the algorithm, but rather I would focus on doing things like we had mentioned in this blog post: “Quality Content SEO” or this post about “getting fresh with your website’s content” because these are things that will hopefully help your website obtain better rankings and secure traffic that might apply to your business.

The other note I would provide to this past visitor or any future visitor who has the same question about combating the changes that google’s made recently is possibly read my post which gives even further reading that one might want to do to learn what they need to do for the long term for their SEO.


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