The Previous 1-800 Numbers for GMB Don’t Work Anymore

Skip down below if you want to know the quickest way to get help (for now)

Google’s always optimizing their business just as much as businesses are trying to optimize their own presences online. And guess what?  Ultimately, Google wins.

Previously, Google used to list a 1-800 number on their homepage.

My records indicate it was 1-844-491-9665.  However, if you’ve called it lately, you’ll find out that it no longer exists online (on any of their official pages).  If you’re heard the message, you’ll have already heard:

“Thanks for contacting us.  Our contact options have changed.  

The fastest the way to get support for Google My Business is to visit 

Again, that’s

Thank you and have a great day!”

Are you kidding me? Do you know what I would like to tell your automated message Google?!?

Regardless, this is what Google wants and now supports.  The above short url ultimately redirects to

They expect everyone to go through their exhaustive support guide to find solutions we don’t always have time to deal with usually.

The quickest way to get support for Google my Business issues now

However, if you’re like us and have hundreds of Google My Business accounts to deal with, sometimes you need someone to help you resolve it MUCH more quickly.  So, if you’re in that need, the ONLY true solution you have is actually to fill out a problem here:

And hope they call you back relatively quickly.

They usually call you back with the number (650)417-9099 out of Mountain View, but the actual person is their typical outsourced department in India.

I tried the 650 number and this is what they say with that number:

“Hi and thanks for calling Google. 

Sorry we missed you earlier. 

But unfortunately, we can’t take calls at this number.  

Check out our support options at

Thanks for calling.”  

Honestly Google (and Sundar Pichai), I’m thinking with your $6.18 billion in profits, I think you can afford a little better support for a division that’s growing so fast that it could eventually produce a competing line item on the quarterly earnings you dearly love to boost.

If you improve the experience and hopefully optimize the efforts of all the small businesses that truly rely on you since you’ve literally destroyed the local directory market, you can actually get to your (financial) goals earlier.

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