Google makes many changes to their algorithm annually (reported to be around 500+ or so a year), but the past 2 years have had two significant updates: Panda and Penguin.  With the most recent Penguin update to their algorithm, we’ve seen some websites drastically affected to the negative.  Some websites we believe have been very unfairly attacked like our heating company client MM Comfort Systems who’s run an incredible business for 3 decades.   We know of two other websites that are the leaders in their verticals and they’ve been sharply affected where they’ve lost tons of traffic due to Penguin.

Well, it’s now going national with the Wall Street Journal showing how it’s basically killing other great businesses.

So, I could understand if the websites were very spammy themselves or if they provided no content at all, but what the heck are all the manual raters doing at this time and frankly, what does google think this recent algorithm has done to truly “enhance their results?”  I’d love for them to report or show some proof how this major change has improved the state of search.

Unfortunately, google has too much vested in their Adwords platform to frankly not disrupt organic search engine optimization at least regularly.  It makes too much sense for them to destroy or basically “warn businesses” they either need to pay to play.

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