If you’ve missed us talking about it, Pinterest is the “social media bomb” these days.  It’s the new “facebook” of recent times.

Compete.com tells us:

About 1 in 4 consumers reports that they are spending less time on other social media sites in favor of Pinterest.  Compete has observed some evidence of this change in behavior – there has been 3% decline in time spent on Facebook over the last month.

I would say it’s the social media website of the decade, but frankly, each decade is too long these days and the Internet is creating new stars by the year (or every other year).  Nevertheless, if you are a believer, you may want to check out the following: 

Guide to Pinterest for Small Businesses

If you missed it via the infographic, it basically tells us that:

  • You should pin:
    • images of your product
    • infographics
    • blog posts & resources
    • videos & customer testimonials
    • we would argue you should also pin images that are congruent with the theme of your business; a following or social relationship could build and eventually, it could become a business relationship
  • You should pin:
    • 2p-4p and 1a to 8pm
    • thursday and saturday
    • we would argue that you should also pin at all times during the day and find patterns of people repinning or following & pin then
  • The graphic also tells us how to optimize images
  • It gives us ideas of what to do for our businesses
  • There are 4 examples of successful brands on Pinterest: GE, Whole Foods Markets, Time Magazine and Etsy.com

So, why do Pinterest SEO?  Basically, SEO does mean exposure via the search engine results pages by ranking high, no?  If Pinterest can help boost your credibility with links back to your site and potentially also create traffic by having people click on the images to your website, aren’t you basically achieving the goals you’ve wanted to achieve with SEO?  For some industries, it truly does give you significant benefit like fashion, food businesses or let’s say wedding photographers.

The infographic is courtesy of: synecoretech.


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