If you haven’t already experienced the 60+ degree weather, the blue skies and the wonderful Seattle Spring weather, you need to get off your desktops or smartphones and look outside!

In order to help you all out there get a little “jump” to the week and help you regularly stay up with trends in search, we thought we would start a more regular installment of “Keyword Trends Monday.”  It will be brought to you by your friends at Seattle Organic SEO, the premier Organic Search Marketing agency for small to medium businesses.

March 2018 – Spring Edition of Keyword Trends Monday

Typically around this year, we have searches for college basketball.  So, you can see the volume increase for “march madness.”  Some popular phrases around the topic include: 

  • march madness – 823,000 searches a month on avg (averaged over the year; it’s as high as 51.3 million here in March with April garnering the second most searches at 8.5 million/mo & February garnering the third at 2.4 million/mo with all the permutations that google considers related to the topic)
  • ncaa bracket – 673,000 searches a month (on avg)
  • march madness bracket – 301,000/mo (avg)
  • ncaa tournament – 246,000/mo (avg)

Tiger Woods is Back!

Sticking with the sports theme…

If you’re not a golf fan, you probably don’t know that the sports phenom who was on track to become the best golfer of all time fell off the planet.  After a few years of struggling, losing many of his high paying sponsors, the “Tiger” is back.  While he didn’t win the PGA Tournament, the Valspar Championship, he placed second and probably kept many people glued to their TVs and generated also this recent run up in search volume and found himself as one of the top 5 trending searches recently:

search volume for sports phenom Tiger Woods

International Women’s Day Generates more Search Volume

While the following topics aren’t skyrocketing:

  • How to help gender equality
  • How to improve gender equality in the workplace
  • What is the Me Too movement?

They are definitely garnering steam.

Latin American Countries Lead the Way!

And if you’re curious about other facets of this great thing that should have happened long ago, Google has a nice little page dedicated to the women’s rights movement #metoo.

Do we need to Turn our Clocks Forward (for Daylight Savings)?

It was Daylight Savings Time this weekend, but an interesting phenomena was that many of our devices (what we used to call clocks) are now digital.  So, they all make the appropriate adjustments.  However, did the searches for the topic still spike here in March?

It looks like it was growing and google’s estimating that the spike would occur since their data is based on past searches.

Speaking of empirical search data, we also found by examining historical search volume that it’s actually the fall which gets more searches.  Perhaps it’s because they are more excited to get an extra hour of sleep versus losing it here in the Spring?

And if you haven’t figured out which way the clock goes for any of you analog folks, just remember “spring forward” and “fall backward.”

We hope you enjoyed the first installment of “Keyword Trends Mondays.”


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