Alright, if my suspicions are correct, you’re probably reading this as someone who’s learning Search Engine Optimization or a person out there looking for great websites to pump up your website with link juice.  If you’re a client, I will or have already provided you Seattle Organic SEO’s list of sites who I think will give you better authority rankings by Google.  Just a quick reminder, but what’s most important to the success of your website or business is not short term fixes, but longer term smart decisions which both Google (& other search engines) and your customers will repect.  With that said, we still need to get your website with more traffic in a hurry, so let’s talk about how to get that.  

For some of you, you were hoping for a nice little list of websites with link juice that you can literally take advantage of.   Unfortunately, this post isn’t that, but I will give you some SEO trade secrets to you today that could normally cost you thousands, but I’ll give you for a meager little fee of … well, you name your fee since I can’t force you to pay me.  🙂  At the same time, a little link juice back to our Seattle SEO website is always appreciated.  Please just add the following code to your website anywhere & consider yourself “even” with me:

<a href=”” target=”_top”>Search Engine Optimization Consulting</a> provided by <a href=”” target=”_top”>Seattle Organic SEO</a>

So, let’s get to the advice on finding websites with great link juice.  Basically, the main index that google uses for authority currently is page rank.  Thus, the higher the page rank, the more link juice the site has.  Here’s the kicker though, but each page and unique url appears to have a specific amount of page rank.  Let’s check out the Yellow Pages by AT&T.

yellow pages by at&t

Google’s current page rank for it is 8.

yellow pages link juice page rank

However, if you go to a deeper page like those of a specific business, you may be getting ZERO link juice.  I clicked through to the China Clipper Club listing on the Yellow Pages:

China clipper new york

And you’ll notice it has a page rank of “n/a.”  Probably something that’s not giving you a lot of authority according to Google.

Yellow Pages Chinese Restaurant Link Juice Page Rank

The point?  Basically, when you’re prioritizing what links you’re trying to find great link juice and spend the time to ask the site to link back to you or if you, you may consider some sites who give you more link authority than others.  You can check it out pretty easily.  If you don’t know how, feel free to contact us and we’ll help your small business find many great sites with great link juice for your growing websites.


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