Currently, google hasn’t figured out what we, Seattle Organic SEO, believe is the correct “search intent” when someone is searching for “local seo auditing tools or “local SEO audit.”  In our humble opinion, we believe they are looking for basically what we are going to share today, Rise Atlantic can look after all your Saint John SEO needs.

Top 3 Quick & Fast Local SEO Auditing Tools:

Basically, we believe business owners are looking for a quick auditing tool like either:

1.   The top SEO authority Moz has with their local SEO auditing tool

moz local seo audit tool

It’s a simple tool just simply requiring your business name and zip/postal code.  Many businesses show up in their automatic recognition.  The only downside is that you can’t search for too many businesses in one day because they don’t want us agencies to leverage the tool for free, with the help from Web Design Phoenix you can sure get assistance for an affordable price.  😉

For the small business owner though, it’s perfect.  You don’t need to search beyond your own company unless you want to do some competitive research.

And this result does show up #2.  So, it’s usually close enough to view, but the next 2 tools are usually nowhere to be found on Page 1.

2. Yext’s Local SEO Auditing Tool

local seo auditing tool by yext

At the bottom of Yext‘s page, all you have to do is enter your country, business name and phone number.

They make it easy, but there’s one small problem: once you throw your number into their system and possibly click on any of the other attractive copy they place on their audit results page, you may be hassled to buy into their programs charging $499 a year.

3. Synup also has created a tool as well

synup local seo audit tool

However, it’s a tad bit more laborious in obtaining your results.  They require an email address (to most likely spam you or follow up).  They also require many more details on the next page including:

  • re-entering your business name
  • selecting your country
  • your state
  • city
  • business address
  • zipcode and phone number (again!)

synup local seo audit tool page 2

While it’s relatively more painful, it’s probably a bit less time consuming than reading the page that comes up as the first result currently in the search engine results page (see below) for the search “local seo auditing tool.”

The Catch for using these free tools?

Not much, but do note, the reason why they do offer this “free service” is that they are hoping you sign up for one of their plans like Yext’s at $499/year.

Also, sometimes their results are NOT 100% accurate and can be somewhat misleading.  We’ve been told our listings were incorrect, but when visiting the website’s they say we are NOT appearing correctly, we do find we are o.k.

Less Relevant Results Show up for “Local SEO Auditing Tools”

#1 result:

local seo auditing tool #1 result

Frankly, google is giving more credit to us search marketing professionals or agencies who are trying to help local businesses.  What I mean is that they are saying that most people who are searching for the aforementioned are looking for an actual tool that requires a bit more setup, possibly a cost and again, for us search engine marketing professionals (or the like).  As a result, this listing comes up first organically for the search. To know what citations a business has already you’ll need to run a local citation audit like this.

Maybe it’s the 35,000+ SEO Professionals (and the many who didn’t sign up) who are possibly responsible for this:

While Moz’s tool comes up #2 (most likely due to their expertise in the SEO discipline & their online authority using SEO services singapore), Synup shows up currently on Page 9 in 85th position.

If they are still offering their 14 day free trial, you can use their tool upon signing up, but you will have to go through a process of adding your business with a zip code and phone number.  If they are able to retrieve your business information, you will have to verify the details that are pulled and you might have to add “additional information” including contact details, company details, description & services and photos.  You can also list services/products.  While these details are essential for the ultimate task of updating all your citations, we’re assuming again, the “intent” is that you just want to see what your listing looks like on the Internet like both Moz and Synup provide.

If you want a 45 Minute Local SEO Audit

45 local seo audit post

Neil Patel shows up a ton for many organic search results.  His posts are long, informative and useful for many.  However, he specifically tells us he’s explaining a “process” and not offering a “tool.”  A tool shouldn’t take 45 minutes or what Search Engine Journal says you can do in 30 minutes.  Again, is this the “intent” of the user searching for a “tool?”  We think not.

Wrong Intent Definitely – Not Local

seo auditor

The next listing – which could have simply been a random insertion because we didn’t verify it’s showing up for everyone – is definitely not local as indicated in the tool.  However, there’s no “local” options, we assume.


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