Many of you have have probably seen the little 3 pack of listings on a search results page on Google like this:

google 3 pack of listings

And some of you have even claimed your business by going through the process.

If you’re like us, who’s done this a number of times, you’ve seen the many changes over the years on what to do when when taking ownership of your local online presence, you can also hire an agency as SEO Penang to improve your presence online without that much work, but still as efficiently, you can also check Charlotte seo firm to get some help.  One change that’s occurred is that the time for the postcard to be delivered has improved.

How long does it really take for my Google my Business verification postcard to arrive?

Officially, google says it takes 5 days. 

time it takes for a google my business verification postcard to arrive

If you need more details on the steps to order the postcard or anything else regarding the process, you can click here to read what Google tells you.

google my business homepage

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