facebook office hoursI wrote earlier about the first ever facebook office hours presented by the marketing team at Facebook here. However, I wasn’t able to post all the notes that I took from the session that was live at the time. I’m sure the video is available if you want to watch it on their Facebook Live part of the site. I wanted to edit down the details in a more presentable format, but unfortunately, clients are always first above and beyond blogging here. So, I’ll have to give you the “raw notes” I took from the webcast earlier this past week. Hope it helps!

[The first 15 mins are missing because the default tab had some recording of Univ students presenting their best facebook apps.]
There’s no limit to the number of people who can be fans of your page to promote your app
-over 30 million users
Number of Admins/what happens
-unlimited number of admins to the page & they can update from any

computer or admin
-should be careful who is assigned an admin (gotta trust them)
-lots of time a fake account is created as a secondary
-at facebook, “we’re about unique” identities and fb has tools to “find

your add’l identities”
Can we update our page from our mobile ph
-3 ways to update: iPHone app, via email (every page has a unique email

address; well hidden secret), via sms (text)
-mobile websites (zero.facebook.com [low bandwidth], m.facebook.com

[robust, photo options], touch.facebook.com [ipad]), explains how to

access page from email in these
what does “liking” mean
-it’s “share on steroids”; it can do a ton of stuff
-when they launched open graph earlier during the year, they allowed

developers mark up any object in the social graph
-the basic thing like does is “share”; it distributes it through newsfeed

and friends newsfeed
-real magic is after; shows up in facebook search & others; shows up in

your profile (ppl can discover what you like); certain open graph objects,

when you like something, it’s almost “friending” an object; you

developer/publisher can “share” back to the people who like the page

(probably one of the most powerful things you can do with it)
-b/c it’s the “open graph”, you’ve gotten permission of what your users

“liked” so you can customize things based on their likes; you can use

their likes to personalize the experience
-like is your personal endorsement
What tab is the best default
-can make the landing tab unique (creating it fbml; facebook markup

language); “custom landing page”
-optimize everything through the newsfeed
-photos and videos go over well
-make sure it’s a 2 way dialogue on comments
-speak in an authentic voice (not the same stuff as another feed); make it

intimate, real, human & make your value proposition unique
-“what numbers should we see?” feedback numbers, etc. compared to others
-it depends on the audience, utilizing the tab, use facebook deals
What can we do to take the facebook “to the next level”
-just launched the facebook deals product (places, mobile, page)
Do Cities use FB pages?
-City of San Fran does (one of the biggest fans)
-can point out where potholes are, crime longs, events, etc.
-team in DC who works with govt entitites
How do you fix FB page
-when you name your page, FB wants to know that you’re connecting to a

unique identity
-you can change your name if you have less than 100 fans**
Metrics – how to use?
-facebook insights
-one example of how it’s used it well; public figure updated their page in

English, but found 25% of their fans were speaking spanish & updated it
-open graph pages; dashboard components provided & an api is available

(custom time frame)
-facebook help center; developers.facebook.com which talks a lot of the

platform including updates & releases
-demos tab has a facebook webinar that can be useful
Something cool on facebook this week (share)
-randi: data team found the top trends in their status updates:
-hmu (hit me up); top trend!
-ppl like the movie exception & eclipse
-ppl liked airplanes song
-justin bieber
-facebook.com/blog is where you can find this thing pointed out by randi
-tv shows on clicker.com
-fashion fanatic gal found how a brand is incorporated into facebook
-showed employees wearing their shoes (“real people” wearing the really

expensive, pretty shoes)
-vin diesel’s page (one of the most popular on facebook)
-premiered the trailer from his new book that’s really personal
-had a really good impact on his 20 mill+ fans

Finished at about 11:41a and couldn’t address the “tons and tons” of

questions and will have more future “facebook hours”

Followed by George Bush (“W”), the former president’s new book;

interesting how an “awkward politician” follows the “awkward” geek’s

company’s marketing team


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