Taking the top 50 photography websites, we thought we would analyze how much organic traffic they generate (and reap the benefits from). Their web design was an important factor for their ranking position, you can take a closer look at it visiting https://www.webdesignrankings.com/.

#1: DevianArt

DevianArt Organic SEO Traffic

And DevianArt’s Mobile Organic Traffic:

DevianArt Mobile Organic SEO Traffic

#2: Flickr

Flickr actually has been dropping despite its #2 position in top photography websites.

Flickr Organic Desktop SEO Traffic

And Flickr’s Mobile Organic Traffic:

However, they are trying to leverage the mobile traffic more than #1:

Flickr's Organic Mobile SEO Traffic

#3: ShutterStock

Our #3 Photography website is TRULY leveraging the potential of organic SEO traffic as you can see:

Shutterstock's Organic SEO traffic on desktops

And ShutterStock’s Mobile Organic SEO traffic:

They are leveraging the mobile market as well…

Shutterstock's Mobile SEO traffic

#4: PhotoBucket

photobucket organic seo traffic

PhotoBucket’s Mobile Organic SEO traffic:

mobile seo traffic photobucket

#5: Pixabay

A recent addition and incredibly fast riser — possibly due to organic SEO?

pixabay organic seo

Moving fast with their Mobile SEO as well

pixabay organic mobile seo

#6: Furaffinity.net

One of the few that doesn’t leverage search for marketing

furaffinity organic desktop seo traffic

Same traffic numbers with their mobile SEO

mobile seo traffic for furaffinity

They appear to get most of their traffic via direct hits:

furaffinity.net traffic sources

What is direct website traffic?  It’s a question asked many times.  It includes:

  •            Typed a domain name (like Megalytic.com) into their browser or used a bookmark to directly             access your site
  • Clicking a link from an email (depending on email provider/program)

  • Clicking a link from a Microsoft Office or PDF document

  • Accessing the site from a shortened URL (depending on the URL shortener)

  • Clicking a link from a Mobile social media apps like Facebook or Twitter. Phone apps often do not pass referrer information, it is better to make sure any social media posting is legit and reliable.

  • Going to a non-secure (http) site from a link on a secure (https) site, as the secure site won’t pass a referrer to the non-secure site. For instance, if someone clicks a link on https://example.com to go to http://example2.com, the analytics for example2.com will show the session as direct.

  • Accessing a site from organic search, in some instances, will end up being reported as Direct due to browser issues. Upkeep Media the best place to find your favorite media. An experiment conducted by Groupon showed as much as 60% of direct traffic may be from organic search. That’s why sometimes to increase traffic they also use sites like Switch Lead to get more and better traffic.

#7: Weheartit.com

Losing steam?

weheartit organic desktop seo traffic

Mobile SEO traffic

weheartit mobile seo traffic

#8: 500px.com

500px organic seo traffic

Mobile SEO traffic

mobile seo traffic 500px.com

#9: Prnt.sc

Not search minded?

prnt.sc seo traffic

Mobile traffic

prnt.sc seo traffic for mobile

#10: 123rf.com

Much more search friendly than #9

123rf.com organic seo traffic

Mobile search friendly too?

123rf.com organic seo traffic for mobile

Note: we did exclude the websites outside of the U.S. in this evaluation of the top photography websites.  Obviously, these are not photographers, but simply all the photography websites identified by Similarweb, if you want to get more information from SEO experts, contact a seo company in india to get the most professional advice.

For the rest of the list, send us an email or fill out our contact form and we’ll share those insights

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