dentist and patient in bellevue WA If you’re a dentist on the eastside, there’s a high chance you’ve probably had new patients who’ve dropped by and said something like the following:

“I found you on Google by searching ‘Bellevue Dentists’ and found you at the top. ”

If that has happened, you are likely to have a professional such as Red Rain SEO in charge of your online marketing, sometimes it is better to have professionals deal with SEO services and marketing issues. Google is obviously one of the quickest ways to find a new dentist or maybe even finding a dentist someone has referred, but you forgot the exact dental clinic name.  At the same time, how many are truly looking for a dentist in let’s say Medina or Kirkland or even Sammamish, maybe walnut creek orthodontics or other clinics.  We thought we would share some of those insights for you hard working dental professionals today.

Looking for Bill Gates’ Dentist in Medina, WA

Well, we have no idea if Bill Gates or his family visit a Medina area Dental Professional, but we do know there are some wealthy folks in this area and we’re thinking there are dentists who possibly cater to this populace.  Are you curious how many potential opportunities are there for someone who is looking to deal with a toothache or want to know how much veneers cost? TEST TEST

First off, there are supposedly 52,684 potential folks who are searching monthly from this little, but wealthy community.

Number of People Who Might Search in Media WA

But again, how many are searching for dental services or questions to issues about their teeth?

We found that people in this city are searching approximately ~750 times a month questions or issues related to the following phrases:

‘dentist’,’teeth whitening’,’dentist near me’,’dental implants’,’emergency dentist’,’dental’,’implantation’,’cosmetic dentistry’,’braces’,’veneers’,’dental implant cost’,’dental clinic’,’root canal’,’tooth implant’,’dental bridge’,’dental veneers’,’dentures’,’dental care’,’teeth bleaching’,’dental crown’,’crown’,’laser teeth whitening’,’pediatric dentist’,’wisdom teeth removal’,’pediatric dentist near me’,’dental emergency’,’endodontist’,’oral surgeon’,’tooth extraction cost’,’porcelain veneers’,’periodontist’,’best dentist near me’,’endodontics’,’smile dental’,’wisdom tooth extraction’,’dentist appointment’,’tooth crown’,’dentures cost’,’the dentist’,’dental implant surgery’,’dentistry for kids’,’broken tooth’,’gentle dental’,’extraction’,’orthodontist’,’chipped tooth’,’affordable dental’,’dental group’,’family dental practice’,’teeth veneers’,’periodontist near me’,’teeth straightening’,’affordable dental insurance’,’white teeth’,’dental insurance’,’dental supplies’,’affordable dental care’,’dentist reviews’,’dental services’,’veneers cost’,’cost of veneers’,’porcelain veneers cost’,’cigna dental’,’dental school’,’dental health services’,’sensitive teeth’,’tooth pain’,’tmj treatment’,’aspen dental’,’toothache’,’dentist career’,’gum disease’,’lumineers’,’teeth whitening kit’,’periodontics’

Most of these phrases are approximately being sought after about 10 times each, but you can see that there are similar terms.  As a result, a subject may be sought after more than that, but in different ways.  Also, these are estimates.  So, one month might be higher and others might be lower.  To truly find out how many, you would need to run an adwords campaign to see the exact results.  You either have to pay to play, in the short term, or in the long term, if you are organically ranking for these phrases, you will see the results. Laser teeth cleaning is way popular now a days, is another of the advantages of the laser technology, like the laser cutters that let you create and modify different materials, but you will need accesories for this, you could get them at

Other terms are being searched as well, but Google says the following phrases don’t have a lot of history and predicts that no one will search for these every month:

‘tooth extraction’,’find a dentist’,’family dentistry’,’teeth whitening cost’,’sedation dentistry’,’dentist office near me’,’tooth replacement’,’partial dentures’,’dental crown cost’,’orthodontics’,’implant teeth’,’cost of dental implants’,’laser dentistry’,’tooth implant cost’,’kids dentist’,’prosthodontist’,’oral surgery’,’dentist around me’,’dental hygenist’,’periodontal’,’tooth implant procedure’,’dentist doctor’,’good dentist’,’periodontal treatment’,’walk in dental clinic’,’denture repair’,’best teeth whitening’,’dental health care’,’dental equipment’,’dental insurance plans’,’veneers teeth’,’best dental insurance’,’cheap dentist’,’affordable dentures’,’dental assistant’,’dental problems’,’cost of porcelain veneers’,’dental prosthesis’,’dental hygienist’,’cerec’,’dentist games’,’no insurance dentist’,’periodontal disease’,’prosthodontics’

But they are ideas to consider.

In one of Google’s tools, they estimate a larger audience:

medina wa estimated searches for dentists

We’re thinking this is more regional for dental terms like the following in the entire Puget Sound area which totals around 15 million plus if you measure a 20 mile radius from the I-90 & I-5 intersection:

dental searches in the eastside

We would recommend going with the above more conservative figure and frankly, that even seems somewhat liberal.  However, if you are able to capture 100% of all the traffic, we can see unbranded searches possibly totaling that much to some of the top dental practices.

What if I’m a Sammamish WA based Dentist?

Well, supposedly there are 87,401 folks who could be searching for your services on a monthly basis.  They might not all be needing a periodontist or teeth whitening, but some of them will be searching for tooth extraction or wisdom teeth removals.

Sammamish WA area monthly google searches

And there are approximately 3400 searches a month for phrases like the following coming from the plateau:

‘dentist’,’dentist near me’,’pediatric dentist’,’orthodontist’,’veneers’,’crown’,’lumineers’,’teeth whitening’,’dental implants’,’emergency dentist’,’dental’,’implantation’,’cosmetic dentistry’,’braces’,’tooth extraction’,’dental implant cost’,’dental clinic’,’root canal’,’tooth implant’,’dental bridge’,’dental veneers’,’find a dentist’,’dentures’,’dental care’,’family dentistry’,’teeth bleaching’,’dental crown’,’teeth whitening cost’,’laser teeth whitening’,’sedation dentistry’,’wisdom teeth removal’,’tooth filling’,’dental surgery’,’emergency dental care’,’dental office’,’my dentist’,’pediatric dentist near me’,’dentist office near me’,’dental emergency’,’denture implants’,’endodontist’,’oral surgeon’,’tooth replacement’,’tooth extraction cost’,’false teeth’,’bleaching teeth’,’oral surgeon near me’,’dental clinic near me’,’kids dentist near me’,’porcelain veneers’,’partial dentures’,’periodontist’,’dental crown cost’,’dental bridge cost’,’orthodontics’,’oral hygiene’,’root canal treatment’,’dental fillings’,’implant teeth’,’best dentist near me’,’tooth bridge’,’zoom whitening’,’general dentistry’,’find dentist’,’cost of dental implants’,’nhs dentist’,’sleep dentistry’,’dental treatment’,’dental practice’,’laser dentistry’,’dentist teeth whitening’,’tooth implant cost’,’find a dentist near me’,’implant dentistry’,’endodontics’,’smile dental’,’kids dentist’,’wisdom tooth extraction’,’teeth whitening dentist’,’dentist appointment’,’dental filling’,’emergency dentist near me’,’24 hour dentist’,’dentistry for children’,’prosthodontist’,’tooth crown’,’dental costs’,’best dentist’,’dental braces’,’dental implant procedure’,’dds dental’,’dentures cost’,’cosmetic dentistry cost’,’childrens dentist’,’care dental’,’nearest dentist’,’the dentist’,’aesthetic dentistry’,’good dentist near me’,’dental cosmetics’,’dental implant surgery’,’dentistry for kids’,’mini dental implants’,’oral surgery’,’dental bleaching’,’dds near me’,’teeth bonding’,’dental bonding’,’dentist around me’,’dental implant dentist’,’dental help’,’broken tooth’,’finding a dentist’,’porcelain crowns’,’walk in dentist’,’dentist open on saturday’,’dental health’,’24 hour dental care’,’a dentist’,’dentist prices’,’orthodontist near me’,’gentle dental’,’extraction’,’cracked tooth’,’emergency dental clinic near me’,’missing teeth’,’dental hygenist’,’dental implants dentures’,’periodontal’,’cost of tooth implant’,’tooth implant procedure’,’smile makeover’,’dental extraction’,’chipped tooth’,’root canal therapy’,’24 hour dentist near me’,’dental places near me’,’walk in dentist near me’,’crowns for teeth’,’dental teeth’,’find local dentist’,’good dentist’,’affordable dental’,’best dentists’,’nearby dentist’,’periodontal treatment’,’dental care near me’,’bridge dental’,’teeth care’,’dentist near me now’,’family dentist near me’,’root canal dentist’,’tooth removal’,’dental spa’,’urgent care dentist’,’children’s dental care’,’dental sedation’,’top dental’,’dental group’,’dental x ray’,’dentist near my location’,’saturday dentist near me’,’walk in dental clinic’,’kids dental care’,’kid dentist’,’preventive dentistry’,’teeth dentist’,’price of dental implants’,’dental procedures’,’brite smile’,’cost of cosmetic dentistry’,’the dentists’,’cosmetic dentistry near me’,’dental websites’,’dentist visit’,’weekend dentist’,’dentist near’,’dentists in’,’dental exam’,’adult dentist near me’,’tmj dentist’,’family dental clinic’,’teeth whitening gel’,’cost of dental veneers’,’dental implants prices’,’teeth whitening trays’,’snap on teeth’,’dentist name’,’denture repair’,’baby dentist’,’female dentist’,’teeth whitening products’,’dentist pediatric’,’best teeth whitening’,’your dentist’,’gum disease treatment’,’teeth whiteners’,’professional teeth whitening’,’teeth veneers’,’dental equipment’,’dental surgery near me’,’best kids dentist’,’top cosmetic dentists’,’best pediatric dentist’,’dental plans’,’periodontist near me’,’teeth straightening’,’individual dental insurance’,’discount dental plans’,’dental insurance plans’,’teeth whitening reviews’,’affordable dental insurance’,’veneers teeth’,’white teeth’,’cheap dental insurance’,’dental insurance’,’best dental insurance’,’dental supplies’,’veneers for teeth’,’affordable dental care’,’cheap dentist’,’affordable dentist’,’implant dentures’,’dental implant insurance’,’dentist reviews’,’affordable dental implants’,’permanent dentures’,’affordable dentures’,’dental implants problems’,’dentist dmd’,’teeth cleaning’,’dental services’,’dental tourism’,’local pediatric dentist’,’sedation dentistry near me’,’emergency dental services’,’veneers cost’,’low cost dental’,’removing wisdom teeth’,’dental jobs’,’cost of veneers’,’dental works’,’teeth whitening system’,’low cost dental implants’,’invisible braces’,’medicaid dentist’,’dental lab’,’local emergency dentist’,’porcelain veneers cost’,’free dental care’,’dental dental’,’dental assistant’,’dental cleaning’,’dental problems’,’endodontic therapy’,’cigna dental’,’veneer dental’,’clean teeth’,’individual dental plans’,’medical dental’,’dental school’,’dentist in near me’,’discount dental’,’dental health services’,’dental specialist’,’cost of porcelain veneers’,’implant dentist near me’,’sensitive teeth’,’tooth pain’,’teeth braces’,’tmj treatment’,’cheap dental care’,’aspen dental’,’family & cosmetic dentistry’,’bleaching’,’teeth problems’,’deep teeth cleaning’,’toothache’,’childrens dental’,’braces dentist’,’dentist career’,’teeth dentures’,’gum disease’,’dental pain’,’medicare dental’,’dentist braces’,’dental hygienist’,’cerec’,’dentist games’,’find a dentist open on saturdays’,’smile dental care’,’affordable dental plans’,’no insurance dentist’,’dental implant process’,’whitening’,’holistic dentist’,’best family dentist’,’24 hour dental emergency’,’800 dentist’,’find best dentist near me’,’periodontal disease’,’dental information’,’dentist listings’,’teeth extraction’,’dental implant specialist’,’dental smile’,’dentistry today’,’prosthodontics’,’ask a dentist’,’cosmetic dentistry procedures’,’teeth whitening kit’,’your family dentist’,’periodontics’,’dental cavity’,’tooth cavity’,’dental dentist’,’find best dentist’,’teeth brace’,’online dentist’,’where’s the nearest dentist’,’rate dentist’

In this list, they’re not all averaging 10 searches a month. There are some “more popular terms” as follows:

  • “dentist” is estimated at 110 searches a month
  • ‘dentist near me’, ‘pediatric dentist’ & ‘orthodontist’ are tracking around 30 searches a month and
  • ‘veneers’,’crown’,’lumineers’ are tracking at 20 searches a month

The same tool is now cooperating and giving a more logical set of estimates for the Sammamish area:

sammamish wa monthly dentist searches

It’s still a lot of searches per month.  So, let’s estimate between 2743 to 3400 searches a month for the above phrases.  Here are a few more from this same tool:

dental search phrases in sammamish wa

How about the bustling eastside city: Issaquah & their dental needs?

First off, there’s a decent sized audience causing the log jams off exit 15 or 18.

issaquah wa search audience monthly on google

Yes, you counted it right.  There are over 150,000+ folks that could be searching for many consumer services.  In terms of dental needs though, they are approximately 4190 searches a month for various phrases dealing with peoples’ needs focused on their teeth.

The popular phrases are:

popular issaquah wa dental search phrases

And the tool we’ve been auditing the Keyword Planner is playing funny tricks on us again.  It’s estimating something that seems reasonable, but even larger than this estimate here of 4190 searches.  It’s saying the number is close to 12,000 searches a month:

12000 monthly dentist related searches in issaquah wa

The same categories show up for Issaquah as they did for Sammamish.  So, no need to screenshot this list.

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