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Quality Content for SEO

Everyone wants to show up at the top of all the billions of searches every day. So, they come to us to help them rank up there through all the great SEO strategies we’ve applied over the years. However, one of the best ways to frankly rank up top with or without us is truly having the most useful and qualitative content available on the web.

So, what is Quality Content? Let’s think about this very seriously.

A) It’s not written by someone else.

We have the tendency to outsource our work to others because “we don’t have the time” to write it ourselves. However, nothing is more sincere, more meaningful nor nor more impressive than thoughts from the original source. When the thoughts and opinions come from the source, they are much more meaningful than someone who has to interpret “what it feels like to be someone else.” How sincere are you when you’re acting? Why are there very few GREAT actors?

B) New Information

Too much of the content that is published these days is regurgitated. Someone copies a quote from this source which copied their thoughts from that source which originally came from some 1860’s book that was based on the research from a book from the 1500’s. When you’re reading anything and you’ve already heard the information, do you continue reading? Obviously no. Place new and interesting data or facts into what you write. Glean something different from original research or find a great quote from someone that provides something interesting to read. Literally provide something for your reader that makes them think “Hmmmm, I don’t think I’ve ever heard about this before.”

C) Creative

We tend to focus on the “keywords” when we do anything for SEO. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t be unique and cannot use language that is not focused on the phrases you’re trying to rank for. Just because you’re supposed to have the keywords in your copy doesn’t mean you can’t be creative with the rest of the content. Find ways to still be natural and also put a little different spin to your writing that’s not recycled or copied from another method or strategy. Explore tangents or obtain models from very different areas. Explore art, explore disciplines you haven’t ventured into before, or simply explore territory you’ve never ever tried before. Find ways to connect or recreate your content in a similar light and be different, BUT interesting…

D) Investing in the effort

If you spend 5 minutes creating something…what are the chances it’s going to be brilliant and interesting? People who write good copy usually have to rewrite it many times and reread it over an over until they finally think it’s art. It can take days, if not weeks or months to write content that is amazing and what people might want to come back and read over and over again.

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