As you may have seen, we’ve done a study with updates to it several times here in a a post called “Top Google Searches in 2012: The Most Popular Keywords Study.”  However, there’s quite a bit of data we’ve aggregated and haven’t had time to analyze.  So, I wanted to write this post as an Open Invite to any and all SEO’s out there or people who are interested in Keywords Research to help us potentially analyze the data we’ve already done a bit of the work to collect and build out potentially a “Most Search Terms by Vertical” post.  We would love to get extra input on the study and would love to have collaborators in something that we think would be a great guide for many potential future clients and many people who are really interested in search marketing as indicated in the following search trends:

seo search trends

"SEO" Search Trends


inbound marketing search trends

"Inbound Marketing" Search Trends


keyword research

"Keyword Research" Searches

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