Continuing our series on “Seattle Business Insights” (related to searches), we examine another one of Seattle’s “Key Industries”: Life Sciences.

Supposedly, the Seattle/Puget Sound area is the #5 Life Sciences industry leader in the U.S.  Given this interesting fact, we thought we would explore the different searches people are making to find the local companies in the arena and other interesting search phenomena related to the field.

Starting with “life sciences” as a search term in the U.S., we see the relatively steady volume in recent years:

However, a more common term people use to find topics, companies and other related aspects of the industry is “biotechnology.”  (in red)

On a volume basis, “biotechnology” is sought after more than twice than “life sciences” (again, in the US):

And if you limit it to the local area, you’ll see the volume is a bit less:

Out of the many top companies locally, these appear to be the top ones searched:


1 juno therapeutics 2900
2 epiphany 2900
3 seattle genetics 2400
4 nanostring 1300
5 arivale 1300
6 physio control 1300
7 gilead 880
8 adaptive biotechnologies 880
9 genentech 880
10 beryllium 720
11 schrodinger 720
12 omeros 720
13 novo nordisk 720
14 alder biopharmaceuticals 590
15 biorad 590
16 cmc biologics 590
17 sonosite 480
18 cti biopharma 390
19 bristol myers squibb 390
20 tasso 390
21 invitrogen 260
22 acucela 260
23 nohla therapeutics 210
24 phenopath 210
25 stratos genomics 210

Obviously, terms like “epiphany” are not specific to a brand, but its strong similarity to EpiThany, a local biotechnology company dedicated to the advancement of innovative cancer therapies, makes the term come up on the radar.  Consideration of the similarity could play a role in how it builds out its brand or the effects of being confused with the related term.

*Searches are estimated by Google’s Keyword tool targeting the Seattle-Tacoma WA, Washington, United States – Nielsen® DMA® region.


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