Recently, my folks needed to sell an older large screen tv of theirs they’ve kept over the years.  It’s a Philips Magnavox PTV810-AHO1 (or AH01) TV.  So, I decided to help them and get it sold on Craig’sList or through another means.  We agreed that it’s not going to sell for much given it’s age, but it’s still worth at least $100 or so given that it’s a huge screen, very functional and working and built in the U.S. (maybe it will be a collectors item later? at least it’s something fun someone could take apart in the worst case).

So, I decide to do searches on it and find it’s pretty tough finding info.  Well, first off, I accidentally wrote “PVT810” since I was used to abbreviating “private” and other terms with “PVT.”  Of course, I found very few results on Google.  After I did put the proper model number “PTV810-AHO1”, I got a few more results, but they are mostly results on a site called and a bunch of other technical, answer your questions and random websites trail behind it.  Unfortunately, it will take some time to finally get the specs for our prospective buyer.  I will probably have to dig deep in order to find any extra details I can list on the ad besides what I manually can measure or find out by it’s appearance.

Well, I decide to see if the main Phillips website has it deep in their database.  So, I do a search on it and this is what I get even though I limit it to just the first 6 characters:

Phillips your product cannot be foundOh, I see.  Philips doesn’t seem to care about the past products they’ve sold. Hmmm, well, that makes me think if I do ever decide to buy another t.v., will I ever be able to sell it (with ease)?  Will the company support me in terms of customer support or even care about the products they sold way in the past?  I don’t know, but from a search perspective (in this very specific case, of course), I feel like maybe not.  Regardless, it’s going to be a bit of a challenge for me to get the details on my tv (and that’s all I wanted frankly).  So, they’re going to have to “wow” me in some other way since there’s definitely plenty of other brands in the market I’ll probably buy instead like Samsung, Sony or LG Electronics.

On a side note, I was also wondering if they do the typical mistake of creating dynamic urls for all their products not providing details of their tvs in their web address.  It’s a mistake that could hurt your SEO of your website.  Well, I’ll give them some positive points as an SEO Consultant for being smart enough to help future sales by writing urls like “” which you can see they place the full name of the tv models and details in the url.  It helps a lot and you can see them benefiting by doing a search for something like “phillips 7000 tv” because they’ll be the top results.

It’s incredibly intelligent of them SEO wise too since they appear to have relaunched the website.  It would sort of suck from their Executive Management standpoint, if their new website failed to be optimized for searches.

new philips consumer products website


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