It’s a funny image that comes up for the search “seo companies.”  The one to the left is the 2nd image that shows up in the google image database when you search for this term.

I’m a little tired here, but I wanted to continue to write about the keywords that were related to to “seo” as I mentioned I would be doing with this little blogging experiment.

Next up in the list of “SEO” related search phrases is “seo companies.”  So, the companies that come to mind obviously for us are our companies Seattle Organic SEO and Ethicus Group.  We recently reached #1 for “seattle seo” and #3 for “seo seattle” for this SEO Agency’s Seattle Organic SEO.  Despite the lack of SEO needed for our parent company, it’s currently listed as an “interactive marketing services” organization in terms of the SEO targeting for Ethicus.

Now there are many SEO Companies out there.  They do anything from consulting to providing SEO software like SEOMoz.   In our part of the U.S., we’re ranked #1 for the most part on many phrases including the ones I just mentioned.  We’re also #1 for “top seattle seos” and both #2 and own #1 for “top seattle seo.”

When I’m not so tired, I’ll try to write more about “seo companies.”  For now, enjoy the list of keywords that show up in “relevant order” on the Google adword keyword tool.  Supposedly, these are the phrases that are “relevant” to the main phrase “SEO Companies”:

  1. top seo companies
  2. seo company (not plural)
  3. organic seo company
  4. seo company new york
  5. seo company services

Addition to the previous post: There’s a website which ranks “Top SEO’s” according to their site.  They display companies that they act as an independent authority supposedly.  Well, “independent” doesn’t mean necessarily “unbiased” or “objective.”  They explain their methodology in ranking here, but they don’t tell you that they charge us firms a minimum of $1000.00 a month to even be evaluated for their “rankings.”  I saw a link on their site to request to be evaluated and got an email which told me to navigate to a page like the following to fill out what’s needed to be evaluated:

SEO Companies Evaluation

And if you read through the Q&A on the right hand side and fill out the entire form, you’ll see there’s a minimum of $1000 a month (and a minimum of 6 months as a commitment) to even be considered.

Top SEO's Company Fee

Here’s the exact verbage on the right hand side:

Q. Is there a fee to be considered for rankings?A. There is a monthly fee of $1000 for each categoriy of ranking that a firm chooses to be considered for. A lot of research and time is spent on reviewing your organization and talking to your clients. In addition to that, you are free to use us as a resource to help convert opportunities for you should you need an independent source to vouch for your expertise.

So, unfortunately, if you want to be a part of this independent ranking system, you need at least $6000 to be considered.  Interesting…

**While I love the Keyword Tool by Google’s Adwords team, it seems to be inconsistent with the suggestions or list of results it returns when looking for terms that are “relevant” according to an initial starting phrase.  When searching for “SEO” originally, “SEO Companies” showed up in the top phrases “relevant” to “SEO”…in position #4, but it doesn’t even show up in the top 800 today about a week later after we started this little experiment.

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