SEO is constantly changing because Google and the top search engines are also making regular updates to refine what they want to deliver to you.  As a result, we need to stay on top of the trends in SEO.

We’ll do a deeper dive with analysis later for your ease, but for now, check out some great reading that will help you stay on top of the marketing madness online.

Our recommendations for reading on SEO Trends in 2017:

  1. Moz’s Predictions
  2. 44 SEO Experts tell you on Search Engine Journal
  3. Search Engine Land’s thoughts about the future in SEO
  4. What the public will think are the trends
  5. 39 more SEO Experts predict the future in July 2016 – how many experts are there?  🙂

There are many more, but for now, I think this is enough reading.

And if you wanted the quick and dirty, we’ll say these are the 3 to become educated and aware about:

  1. Understanding User Intent
  2. Google Machine Learning
  3. Accelerated Mobile Pages