We’ve been finally credited by Google this past year for important search phrases like “most searched topics“:

seattle organic seo - most searched topics

Mainly, we simply knew if you created relevant content that’s accurate and what people are curious about, it should be credited.  Sometimes, it just took time to obtain that credit.

Our latest “2019’s Most Searched Keywords on Google” is out.  Check it out for the latest trends in what people are look for on the Internet! 

However, for years, other results have shown up including Siege Media’s list, which still shows up right behind us.  What bothers us the most is the fact that they don’t even bother to do a quick audit on their own statistics, I mean there is even a SEO company in Las Vegas, how hard is it to get help if you don’t know what you are doing?  Most of the data they provide is a very poor representation of reality.


For example:

  • their #1 term is searched NOT 45,500,000 times a month, but actually an estimated 101,000,000 times a month – more than double!!!
  • their #2 term should actually be #1.  “Translate” is sought after in google approximately 185,000,000 times a month – about 900% more than they give it credit.

The list is simply inaccurate from #1 (“weather”) all the way to #100 (“flowers”).  The only terms they had which were accurate were: social security, pill identifier, driving directions, addicting games, and free movies online.  And despite their accuracy, they should have been positioned much differently.  “social security,” their 24th ranked search phrase should have been #55 instead.

It is completely easy to do, but honestly, many firms are just too lazy to do it.  All you have to do is validate it on Google’s Keyword Planner.  We did.  Here are the Top 20 as they should be (minus adult related terms):

Top 20 Search Phrases - October 2016

And if you include the “adult related terms,” you get the following:

Top 20 searches including adult - oct 2016

**Do note: for the sake of time and lack of resources, we were not able to do a full scan of any new possibilities here in 2016 that may have popped up.  At some point and with potential donations or a sponsor, we will definitely continue to keep track of all the top keywords on the internet.