If you were one of the millions who helped Avengers: Endgame propel the flick into the biggest worldwide film opening since 2002, you may have also been one of the millions who also searched the phrase “avengers endgame” to learn:

  • where it was playing
  • what it was about
  • how it might end

or the many other questions you might be thinking when making the search.

You might have a unique need when searching for the phrase.  Google’s still guessing what the “intent” is behind every one of the 2.74 million (on average) searches for the phrase.

avengers endgame search volume

SERP Features Take Over Google’s Real Estate

However, google’s getting very good at it.  You can see it in how diverse the different “SERP (search engine results page) features”  are on the page for the search.  In the section “above the fold,” you ONLY see newer SERP features vs. the traditional:

movie serp features

  1. Showtimes SERP Feature
  2. Top Stories SERP Feature
  3. Tweet SERP Feature
  4. Knowledge Panel SERP Feature

In the old days of the SERP, you simply had the regular information that’s provided via the meta tags for most websites like this in a google search:

Traditional SERP

However, as you can see in the rest of the search, you can see the search landscape is filled with much more:

avengers endgame FULL serp

In addition to the aforementioned 4 features, you also have:

  • the Video SERP feature
  • the Related Questions SERP Feature
  • 3 sets of the Carousel SERP Feature
  • and one of the most comprehensively filled knowledge panels with Cast, People also searched for

Lastly, it’s not so new, but there are the typical “Searches related to [fill in search phrase]”.

What does the New Search Landscape mean for Websites?

In the constant effort to show up in any of these positions or SERP features, you need to be able to help Google.  Frankly, from the beginning, you’ve always needed to supply google with the information it’s looking for with the many ways that it would index and categorize all the information on the web.  These included leveraging:

  • search console (formerly known as webmasters tools)
  • using platforms that can be crawled by search engines and coding your website in ways that frankly provides google what it wants
  • and leveraging other means like Google my Business (or even Google Ads & complementary tools or other details it wants like a product feed) to supply the search engine the information it wants through these

So, it hasn’t changed necessarily.  However, the information and the methods in how to carry this all out has become more transparent over the years.  And linking it to the various SERP features has also become more clear.

Strategies for the New SEO

We could give you the full list of things we do for clients, but we’ve also learned that rarely do our clients like to implement all that we preach.  Also, the information is many times “over their heads” and can be too detailed.  So, for the sake of your time and also to make sure you at least get some guidance, we’ll share some of the top 3 things we know that can help you find your way into the new SERPs:

1. Keep up with the trends

It would seem obvious, but despite what we will share, you might find some of these resources new or more useful than your past habits to improve your SEO.

Google has many places they share what they plan on or have carried out.  They include:

2. Pay attention to all the information about SERP features

Here are a couple places to see how it’s changing constantly:

3. Learn everything about Schema

Go back up and look at the full SERP for “avengers endgame.”  You’ll notice some results have other elements including stars or details beyond the meta tags.  Did you know that rich snippets and schema are the reasons why some websites have it and others don’t?

What is Schema?

Techopedia has a great definition:

A schema is the structure behind data organization. It is a visual representation of how different table relationships enable the schema’s underlying mission business rules for which the database is created.

Are you any of the following?

If you are, click through and learn how to follow the details behind these different forms of schema. And if you haven’t used Google’s Search Console, you should learn soon how to leverage it to complement this new gained knowledge.

Google’s getting VERY Smart

Related to Avengers Endgame, I searched for “who plays thanos” given the recent popularity of everything and anything related to the movie.  And before I could even finish the phrase, google was already telling me I should be asking about “thanos”:

who plays thanos search

So, if you don’t stay on top of everything google communicates, you might find that google takes control over things including your searches.  

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