bellevue, wa 1980s(This is a continuation of a series of free local seo statistics by Seattle Organic SEO)

Today, I thought I’d explore what are the most common searches in Google when it comes to the name “Bellevue.”  Hopefully, these terms will help anyone who’s looking to improve their Bellevue SEO needs.

The city I used to practice Real Estate in is not just a city here in Washington State, but also represents a city in Western Australia, a city in Alberta, Canada, another electoral district and neighborhood in Canada as well, a village in French Guiana, a park and a town square in Sweden, cities in the UK and Switzerland and 28+ communities, townships and other city like bodies in the United States.  How come when I search for the phrase that mostly Bellevue, WA results come up?  Is it because they’re more tech savvy than all the other “Bellevue’s” around the world?  Nah, it’s because google likes to make sure I’m getting my local results obviously.

Nevertheless, I thought I’d explore what are the top searches related to the name.  Here they are:

Keyword Competition Local Monthly Searches
[bellevue] 0.28 12,100
[bellevue hospital] 0.11 12,100
[bellevue square] 0.05 12,100
[bellevue wa] 0.49 12,100
[bellevue school district] 0.01 8,100
[bellevue washington] 0.50 4,400
[city of bellevue] 0.03 4,400
[sky high bellevue] 0.00 3,600
[bellevue public schools] 0.02 3,600
[lincoln square bellevue] 0.01 2,900

Are you surprised? Well, these are the “exact searches” on these phrases. When you add up all the permutations of the phrases that include “bellevue”, there are many more searches. For example, the number skyrockets to over 2.2 million searches including the term “bellevue” in it. However, people who are searching for it locally, only search for it about 12,100 times a month.  Which “local” area does Google mean?  Well, that’s a good question.  Since it’s searched on 40,500 globally supposedly (the term “bellevue” and nothing added to it), there’s not just 4 local areas they’re talking about.  Nevertheless, they’re trying to show it’s definitely less than the total monthly global searches.

bellevue seo

Oh, so what’s this “competition index” I’ve added to today’s top 10 keywords list?  Instead of the typical CPC (cost per click) numbers I provide, I thought I’d share the estimated “competition factor” if you wanted to advertise for money for the keyword phrases related to bellevue.  For example, if you wanted to show up for searches on “bellevue square”, it would most likely cost you much less and it would be easier than competing against other advertisers for the phrase “bellevue wa.”  Probably a lot of realtors trying to advertise on the specific locale.

And just to reiterate, but numbers may be lower moving forward because I’m going to be estimating more conservatively the number of searches in these top 10 keyword search lists.  It probably represents a much more “true number” of the possible people coming over to your site when we help you get to the top of the rankings for any of these keyword phrases.  Any extra is a bonus, of course.


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