thanksgiving recipesIn honor of “turkey day” (which is searched an estimated 1600 times/mo), we thought we would share the Top 10 “Thanksgiving” related phrases here in November.  Given that most of us are focused both on “cooking” and “eating” this holiday which was supposedly a time to give thanks for all that we’re thankful for, “Thanksgiving recipes” comes in at #1.  The 2nd through 9th phrases interestingly enough though aren’t “cooking” related, but the 10th highest sought after search is: “Thanksgiving appetizers” comes in at #10.  Oh, by the way, “Thanksgiving recipes” is searched an estimated 49,500 times a month in the U.S. and “Thanksgiving appetizers” is searched 6600 times.

For the rest of the list, here you go:


1 thanksgiving recipes

2 thanksgiving crafts

3 thanksgiving pictures

4 thanksgiving clip art

5 thanksgiving games

6 thanksgiving day

7 thanksgiving poems

8 history of thanksgiving

9 thanksgiving decorations

10 thanksgiving appetizers



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