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WordPress is a MUST for your CMS

If you haven’t figured it out by now, WordPress is dominating the Content Management Systems (aka CMS) throughout the world.  If you check out their WordPress Statistics Central Page, you’ll see in real time.  Update: Here’s a great article talking about the numbers behind WordPress & it’s future.  

Some major sites who use it include the following:

major websites that use wordpress

And the rest of the data is in the page that I don’t need to repeat here.  It’s pretty obvious.  I’m not even a WordPress rep and unable to get any reimbursement for my time touting them as the best.  It’s simply just a fact.  Check out data from other sites.

Technorati’s State of the Blogosphere identifies some great facts about the top CMS’es used:

WordPress Completely Dominates Top 100 Blogs

Pingdom also did a Recent Study (published only a little over a week ago in April 2012) titled “WordPress completely dominates top 100 blogs” sharing: 
  • 48% of the top blogs use wordpress
  • 14% (#2) is custom blog solutions
  • 7% (#3) is Moveable Type
  • despite the press Tumblr gets, it’s down towards the bottom with only 1% usage
  • but the #1 blog “Huffington Post” does use Moveable Type, if that does sort of throw a little confusion to the mix (it’s only one site & that could also be based off the bias of the developers behind it or the CTO)
Top 20 Blogs
WordPress is touted as the Top CMS solution by an Independent Tech Survey Group
  • of the 30% of the sites that use a CMS, WordPress represents 53.9% of them
  • #2 is Joomla @ 9.2% and #3 is Drupal at 6.7%
Top CMS's
And here are a number of other sources to read if you want to see possibly Why WordPress is More Usable or the most popular requested CMS solutions by a web development company.  If we get some time, we’ll share some keyword research trends also about what people are searching for, but this post exhibits the popularity of the different CMS solutions in terms of what people are looking for.  Here are a few more posts as well that aren’t as good as the ones above, but do give more perspective on what type of CMS solutions exist and also which ones are popular or usable: 10 Most Usable CMS, 50 Popular CMS Solutions and a post talking about how the Gov’t of South Africa uses Joomla despite WordPress’s popularity.
Just briefly though, but the Keyword Tool by Google says:
  • 2.24 million global searches/mo for “wordpress” exactly
  • only 450,000 global searches/mo for the topic “cms” exactly
  • 1.0 million global searches/mo for “joomla” exactly
  • 368,000/mo globally for “drupal”
Top 10 WordPress CMS Searches
*There’s a bunch of other permutations and so to aggregate all of those, the numbers are much higher for each of the CMS solutions and the variety of phrases used to search for different aspects of the content management systems or different ways people are looking for them.  

Why does this matter for you as a potential website owner or one that current uses another system?  If this continues and I suspect it will, your CMS platform will probably have some of the best: 

  • support
  • plugins available
  • themes/templates to choose from
  • among many other potential options and additions to the CMS that can make it much easier for someone to have a little more control or ability to do their own SEO directly as well

I’ve seen a number of small groups of people turn ideas into VERY large businesses due to their ability to use WordPress to their own benefit.  Just a thought folks…


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