website rank checkerUpdated here in 2017: What’s the best rank checker to check my true results for free.

When we search in Google or in a search engine, we see how high or low our websites are by searching for them in the search engine results page.  However, what if you’re not in the top 10 or top 20?  What if you’re past the top 30 or worse?  Well, trying to find where you are for most search phrases can be not only time consuming, but annoying at times.  So, Rank Checking tools of all forms started to populate the Internet here in the 21st century.  You have one off’s where you can check where you are for a single phrase to software tools and monthly subscriptions for services that can track many phrases for you in hopefully a friendly manner.

In my recent ongoing search for the Ultimate Rank Checker tool, I decided to list all the ones I’ve found to hopefully help website owners/managers and SEO’s who are interested in managing their own rankings online.  Also, as more are created and marketed, I thought this would be a great place for people to also add their input regarding any tools or websites that should be added to the following list.

I had planned to just contribute to other lists online, but sometimes the owners of the blogs are a little critical of comments coming from “Seattle Organic SEO” which they might think I’m trying to garner credit for the phrase, but fail to understand that is our business name.  As a result of their discrimination, it just makes sense to out rank them online and provide an even better list.  🙂

*Please note that I have specific needs and I’m looking for a more robust solution.  For someone who’s simply looking for a solution or tool that does limited rank checking within google or other search engines, most of the following tools in their free forms will suffice.

Free Rank Checkers


SEOBook’s Rank Checker

Cost: Free

Pros: It’s free.  You can query multiple country specific search engines.  Yahoo & Bing rankings are also available.  You can adjust the delay in order to prevent Google from thinking you’re manipulating their database and prevent it from timing out.

Comments: For the past year+, I’ve been using this tool, but it’s become a lot of work as I have to copy and paste the data into a format that is more “professional”.   The fact that it’s free is great, but I’m now looking for something that will place it into a graphical format, help me manage rankings over a long term and allow me to build the list over time as well.  I thank Aaron Wall for keeping this free, but it does need to “grow” I believe and it would be awesome if there were more premium versions.

Search Engine Reportssearch engine reports

Cost: Free for limited number of searches, but links to Authority Labs if you want more robust ranking details

*There are a lot of Evaluation or Trial versions of the following, but they are anything from a week to a month which frankly doesn’t serve you much beyond just giving you a “feel” for what they can do.

Monthly Subscription Rank Checkersraven seo tools


Raven Tool’s SERP Tracker

Cost: $99 or $249 a month

Pros: In addition to the SERP Tracker, you get many other Search Engine Optimization tools to help you improve your work in bettering the SEO of your website.  These tools are more likely to be used by someone who is experienced in the field and could use automation in their work optimizing websites.

Comments: The data behind Raven’s SERP Tracker is from Authority Labs.  Frankly, there’s a little too much from Raven.  I don’t know how I could leverage all of it, but for a team, it would definitely serve the needs of small agencies all the way upward.  They have a free 30 day trial as well.

Authority Labs

Cost: $24 to $450/mo


Cost: Looks very expensive | Custom


Cost: Again, looks very expensive (but looks VERY powerful)


Cost: Free to $1950 (a month?)

Microsite Masters

Cost: Free to $299.95 a month

Rank Ranger

Cost: $19 to $249/mo

SEO Diver

Cost: $153.51/mo to $189.21/mo depending on how many months you purchase

SEO Intelligence

Cost: $9 to $99/mo

SEOMoz Pro

Cost: $99/mo for PRO, $199 for PRO Plus and $499 for PRO Elite

Pros: $99/mo gets you 300 keywords that are tracked.  $199/mo gets you 1000 keywords and $499/mo gets you 3500 keywords.  You also get access to their Keyword Difficulty tool and other products that they offer.

Comments: I don’t find all the tools incredibly useful even though SEOMOz is possibly one of the biggest reasons why I’ve come as far as I have in the industry.  The data sometimes seems inconsistent with other data I collect from other places including the live SERPs themselves.  Similar to their Open Site Explorer, they provide incredible data for guidance, but it’s not always matching with reality or at least is inconsistent enough that I need multiple sources to validate it or correct the details.  However, SEOMoz has some of the best comprehensive data on the entire web.

SEO Scheduler

Cost: $9 to $49/mo

SERP Buddy

Cost: Unknown.

Comments: While they offer a free 1 week trial, there doesn’t seem to be any details about how much it would cost for more than the 1 week trial.  I didn’t have time today to sign up for an account to see what it could provide.


Cost: Free trial to Custom pricing (?)

Web Position

Cost: $29 to $69/mo

Zoom Rank

Cost: $7 to $25/mo with options to go higher that are custom

Desktop Software Rank Checking Solutionsadvanced website ranking


Advanced Website Ranking

Cost: $99 to $599

Best SEO Suite

Cost: $20/mo

Cute Rank

Cost: Free & $59.95 one time for Pro

Comments: It looks like you might have to pay for updates after a year at $10.  Not bad given the prices for many other solutions.  However, it would be nice if they more clearly define it and also don’t automatically try to recharge you as you’re checking out in Paypal.

iBusiness Promoter

Cost: $249.95 to $499.95

Market Samurai

Cost: $149

Link Assistant’s Rank Tracker

Cost: $99.75 for the Pro Edition and $249.75 for the Enterprise Edition

Search Metrics

Cost: $398-$1,325+ / month

Brad Callen’s SEO Elite

Cost: $167

Spy Ranks

Cost: Unknown – site didn’t come up when surfing to it

Traffic Travis

Cost: Free, but Pro version is $97


Costs: $49/mo for their online version or $499 for their Desktop Software version

Web Ranking Standard or Web Ranking Professional by APEX Pacific

Cost: $99.95 for Standard or $199.95 for the Professional version

One Time on the Web Rank Checkersone time rank checkers


Mike’s Marketing Tool

*An affiliate link or a pop up window to Link-Assistant’s rank checker might generate going to this site, fyi.

*Didn’t give this one a try.  Let us know how  you like it.

*Up to 10 phrases at a time; took forever to even return 2 phrases.

Search Engine Genie

*This site is full of affiliate marketing advertising and incredibly spammy looking.  It’s hard to tell where to even click when you land on the main homepage.  So, that’s why we gave you a link to the actual rank checker.



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