SimilarWeb Says Top 10 Stays the Same Despite the Below Report by Alexa

The top 10 according to Israel website monitor SimilarWebt still keeps Facebook #1, google second, youtube 3rd, next, yahoo, live, instagram,, wikipedia and Yandex filling the remaining spots in the Top 10 Websites of the world.  *You notice a larger number of russian websites vs. the report below by the American based Alexa? 

Top 10 stays the same according to similarweb


Youtube Overtakes Facebook – April 2016

In the only significant change, month over month, we see that Facebook is no longer #2 in the Top 10 properties according to  Several factors may be inferred from this change.  1) Teens may be influencing traffic more than we know.  This report from Mashable explains that Facebook is no longer as popular as a destination as it was with the top social media site.  I’ve heard it many times before from teenagers directly, but reports are now catching up to the reality that Facebook is “facing” (not to intentionally use a pun). 2) Alexa might be more accurate source of website traffic data.  It makes sense given that it’s parent company is the mammoth sized Amazon with more funds to support the subsidiary.

Youtube is #2 in Top 10 Websites in the World

The rest of the top 30 according to SimilarWeb

Top 11th through 30th websites in the world

The rest of the Top 50 According to Alexa

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