‘Tis the Season (for Retail Websites)

In our last update for the year, we see the typical patterns are repeating and one small (potentially) positive sign that people are not becoming incredibly dumb.

similar web's top 10 websites - december 2016

  • Compared to the last scan, we can see that Wikipedia has risen back over the image focused audience of Instagram.  Maybe people do want to read about the background of things in life more than just seeing pictures of them?  Maybe pictures get old?
  • As alluded earlier, the holiday season is upon us and so it’s no surprise that Amazon has jumped back up to #8 on our list supplied by SimilarWeb

Trump No Longer Driving Twitter’s Traffic?

The US Presidential elections definitely gave President Elect Donald Trump a platform and he used it possibly more than the times he thinks about grabbing women in the you know what, filing lawsuits and lying combined.  However, the elections are over now and as we stated above, it’s time to ask for Santa to get us gifts (from Amazon).

Alexa's Top 10 Websites - Dec 2016

  • In our last comparison of Alexa vs. SimilarWeb’s Top 10 Website lists, you’ll see that Alexa doesn’t have much in terms of changes
  • Mainly, it’s just Amazon (the company who owns Alexa, btw) who’s jumped back into the top 10 and displaced Twitter possibly because of the elections being over
  • All the other websites remain the same.  My thoughts also are that maybe there isn’t as much examination along with work being done for low priority projects like these at Alexa, Amazon or even SimilarWeb.  Then again, this may be all automated and it is the Top 10 websites that don’t change as much.

Happy Holidays from the Seattle Organic SEO team to your family!

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