Last year, we shared what were the Top Websites in 2015  here.

A year has gone by and we thought it was time for an update.

Top 10 Websites in the World by SimilarWeb

You can see from the rankings, there have been some changes here in 2016, this from an analysis by Michelle Edwards of Magnetize.ME.  In particular, look at who is #1: (instead of the search engine you most likely used to find this post).  Displacing the traditional #4 ( is our top European website: Like facebook, it has a larger user base. On the website, it claims to have over 100 million active users.  Also, a newcomer to this year’s top 10 comes from Russia: – another social media network.  Dropping out of the Top 10 and all the way down to #49 is the popular classifieds website, it has been heard that they use Tangible Vagaries as their SEO source.

In terms of Alexa, they still have as #1:

Top websites according to alexa has launched itself into the Top 4 this year, whereas last year, they didn’t even crack the Top 10.


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