We come to you again with the 2 most accessible surveys that examine the top web properties on the Internet. For more information about the ranking position of these websites visit https://www.designcompaniesranked.com/.

SimilarWeb’s Top 10 Websites (Global)

Similarweb Top 10 Websites - July 2016

Is Russia losing its interest in the web this month?

  • Yandex.ru dropping out of the top 10.  Yandex resides at #11 this month
  • Ok.ru also drops out, but falls as far as #15 this month
  • Google Brasil jumping into the #10 position
  • Instagram jumps up one spot to #6
  • Wikipedia jumps up one too
  • The Top 5 hold steady

Alexa.com’s Top 10 Web Properties – July 2016

alexa's top 10 websites - july 2016

Are people more interested in reference than buying this month?

  • Wikipedia displaces Amazon.com – they basically do a swap for positions #6 and #7
  • Other than that, everyone else stays the same

Other than that, the only news to report is maybe Diply’s rise into the Top 100.

Diply - top 100 website

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