It’s time to see who’s gathering all the eyeballs on the web again!

In this month’s edition of “Top Websites on the Web,” we see two changes in the rankings from the last time we’ve done this survey.

SimilarWeb’s Top 10 Websites on the Internet

SimilarWeb's Top 10 Websites - Oct 2016

  • Yahoo has regained the #4 spot (from
  • Amazon has re-entered the Top 10 as #10

These differences may signal two possibilities: a) the Russian market cools down as we get into holiday season or the fall and b) the holiday season is possibly why Amazon has re-entered the top 10.  However, overall, the majority of the websites remain the same as far as the top websites in the world (according to SimilarWeb).

Also, a couple of changes for October 2016, but SimilarWeb has a new interface.  It now shares:

  • Category
  • Average Visit Duration
  • Pages/Visit
  • and Bounce Rate

in their list of the Top Websites on the Internet.

Alexa’s Top 10 Websites on the Internet

Alexa's Top Websites

A few changes that conflict with SimilarWeb’s ranking occurs this month with Alexa’s rankings:

  • Wikipedia rises to #5 ( drops 1 to #6)
  • Google India swaps with Amazon rising 2 spots to #7
  • Google Japan rises into the Top 10 knocking out China’s

So, Amazon’s Alexa conflicts with the retail season possibly boosting up Amazon’s traffic.  Also, the introduction of Japan’s version of Google rising into the Top 10 possibly also adds to the problems for Verizon in acquiring Yahoo.  Yahoo used to dominate the search industry in Japan, but given its recent love for google, it may continue to add to Google’s ubiquitous nature throughout the world, in terms of search.


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