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1Internet and Telecom > Search Engine=00:07:308.0945.99%
2Internet and Telecom > Social Network=00:13:2512.5222.79%
3Arts and Entertainment > TV and Video=00:19:559.1427.21%
4Internet and Telecom > Search Engine=00:09:059.0327.07%
7Internet and Telecom > Search Engine=00:07:456.3830.23%
8News and Media+100:06:166.1642.01%
9Internet and Telecom > Social Network+100:16:3521.5716.83%
10Internet and Telecom > Social Network+300:09:097.5326.36%
11Reference > Dictionaries and Encyclopedias=00:03:552.8855.86%
12Internet and Telecom > Search Engine=00:08:517.1429.69%
13Internet and Telecom > Social Network+100:06:4812.4334.87%
15Internet and Telecom > Search Engine+100:10:399.0124.28%
16Internet and Telecom > Search Engine+600:05:214.7737.36%
17Internet and Telecom > Email+100:06:468.0018.94%
18Internet and Telecom > Search Engine+300:09:226.9631.69%
19Internet and Telecom > Search Engine+100:08:527.3527.46%
20Shopping > General Merchandise-100:06:198.8037.02%
21Internet and Telecom > Search Engine-1500:13:486.6528.21%
22News and Media+100:03:533.4754.94%
23Business and Industry-600:05:413.9136.76%
24Internet and Telecom > Search Engine+100:08:037.1830.11%
25Internet and Telecom > Search Engine-100:08:576.8430.01%
26Internet and Telecom > Search Engine=00:11:017.7729.12%
27Internet and Telecom > Social Network=00:13:4617.1015.60%
29Internet and Telecom > Search Engine-100:09:416.9830.51%
30Internet and Telecom > Search Engine=00:08:306.6127.74%
31Internet and Telecom > Search Engine-200:07:515.8536.62%
32Internet and Telecom > Search Engine=00:09:207.4428.02%
33News and Media+100:09:218.3429.60%
35Internet and Telecom > Email=00:07:236.2137.49%
36Internet and Telecom > Social Network=00:10:337.4336.44%
37Internet and Telecom > Search Engine=00:09:027.4129.53%
38Shopping > General Merchandise=00:06:247.8438.86%
39Internet and Telecom > Search Engine+200:09:016.5831.51%
40Arts and Entertainment > TV and Video-100:09:304.5235.96%
41Internet and Telecom > Search Engine+100:10:257.5531.51%
42News and Media+100:14:4212.5917.49%
43Shopping > General Merchandise-300:05:506.2538.71%
44Internet and Telecom > Search Engine=00:07:546.8432.87%
45Internet and Telecom > Search Engine=00:09:087.5530.48%
46Internet and Telecom > Search Engine=00:05:335.0052.11%
47Shopping > Classifieds+100:11:3413.6520.49%
48Internet and Telecom > Social Network-100:05:365.8032.85%
49Internet and Telecom > Search Engine+800:09:127.1130.40%
50Internet and Telecom > Search Engine=00:08:456.9631.76%
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