There are many paid solutions out there to keep track of your website’s rankings.  There are also many free ones as well, but it always requires some catch like signing up, providing your credit card and being promised it won’t be charged (I’ve been charged plenty of times) and honestly multiple other issues. There are also different agencies as Bristol Digital Agency Grizzly  that offer this and other digital marketing services.

Well, we decided to help all of you out there just use a website where you can punch in a phrase or keyword and get the results you were looking for.

Originally, we’ve been fans of the free SEOBook Rank Checker that Aaron Wall created eons ago for Firefox as a plugin.  It was great – especially for local searches.  However, we were analyzing a recent national campaign and we assumed they were making it agnostic to your specific locale.  We even audited it with a couple of other tools we’ve bought and it seemed to line up.  However, after we had sent the information to our client, they didn’t seemed to be as excited as us.  They may have been busy, but we just expected some feedback.  So, we went out and double checked with even more tools.  Some of them, we’re going to share today. And we found the reliable “free tool” just isn’t reliable with national searches.

So, here were are providing the:

Top Free Instant Search Results Rank Checkers free rank checker by SERPs

SERPs is great.  They can give you results from both the national and also local perspective, but it will default to national results.  They even provide you up to 250 results.  For our little test run, it showed us only 211 results, but that was enough to find our client was sitting on the 8th page.  So, we were at least happy that they were rising on the national level and also showing up locally on page 1.

While at times, we found that SERPs wasn’t returning results, today it was fantastic and provided us exactly what we needed.

And if you need something more than just a quick check, they have plans starting as low as $49/month and have a 30 day trial to give it a good test run.

Free Spyfu Rank Checker

We were actually relying on SpyFu.  We thought their SERP Analysis tool was giving us exactly what we needed up to 50 results, but we also found out that their results are cached and not updated for a while.  The results we found they were presenting us with were almost 2 months old! For all the ansy website owners and business people who want to see results, this is definitely not acceptable!  Nevertheless, if you’re simply wanting to know the rankings of 5 pages of websites for a search that isn’t urgent, it’s a pretty cool glance of the phrase and other elements of it.  We do like it for the most part.

SERPstat Rank Checker

This next one by SERPSTAT is a great find and is very powerful and has many other intuitive features.  We haven’t even looked into the many different features it provides, but it seems to give us many interesting data points and you can basically click into many other details that might help you for SEO long term.  The only downside is that they are just as savvy on the business front and will limit you to a handful of searches and then require you to register.  After you do, you get something like 30 more searches, which isn’t bad for free!

The only downside we could see so far though is that the results might be inaccurate and doing the same thing as the SEOBook tool with possibly localizing the results and the results also seemed to be in a different order.  Is important to be informed and read a lot to keep up on these business that’s why there is this and many articles by EDOT3 SEO Newcastle upon Tyne.

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