ClubHouse YouTube Secret Strategies

Sitting on the stage to “add some value to the conversation” to all the YouTube experts.

If you haven’t heard, there are bombs being dropped day in and day out by some of the top experts in YouTube.   On this stage is:

  • Farhad Meher Twitter @FarhadMH IG @fmeher
  • Ant McCormack Twitter @creator_gen IG antmccormack
  • Alex Cooper IG @its_alexcooper
  • Cassandra Bankson Twitter @SincerelyCass11 IG @cassanrabankson
  • and the incredible LinkedIn expert String Nguyen who knows a ton about everything Twitter @StringStory IG @stringstory

I’m not going to give the great advice they’re delivering like focus on YouTube shorts, but as String knows, I think from an SEO perspective.

And since Google has approximately 88.36 billion monthly visits,

I’m suggesting leveraging it beyond the YouTube’s 33.19 bill regular visits.   How do I leverage the #1 website in the world for my YouTube audience?

Step #1: Look for the best verticals who show up the most.

For Desktop, it’s Arts & Entertainment out of the top 25 categories:

If you want the rest of the list, reach out on our contact page.

For Mobile, it’s the same, but Food & Drink shows up #2:

So, now you know that many of the food & drink searches on mobile are sowing up in Google.   So, you check one like “Korean recipes”.   Here’s an example on Desktop:

On mobile, it’s different as you can see:

So, with the desktop results, 3 of them get free traffic from Google:

In the mobile results, you have the interesting timeline of the 1st video you see in desktop.   You get to see:

However, if you look what shows up for the YouTube SERP, it’s completely different:

Here are the results in text & links:

So, in essence,   you don’t have to rely simply on YouTube’s search algorithm.   You get a second chance with an even larger platform to get traffic to your videos.

3 Other Bonus Tips to Grow your YouTube Channel Audience

  • As Alex mentioned, definitely take advantage of what’s trending in TikTok — this will give you some ideas of what to leverage in YouTube
  • Also, Pinterest has a trending search engine as well — while it’s not video, it’s visual and video is visual.   And if you look at the url that is generated by googling this, you’ll see you can set it by country.
  • I’ve enjoyed Brian Dean’s Exploding Topics.   If you haven’t heard about this email newsletter and you want to be on the “cutting edge,” you had better subscribe!

And while it might not give you additional ideas, it will give you a better clue of what to create within YouTube: yah, check out YouTube Trends!   Oh, the ideas just keep on coming, but how about the mother of all trends: Google Trends!   (again sortable by country)

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