In a recent retweet by Bill Slawski, he repeated that the QRG is a good place to look for hints re: Google’s recent update to their algorithm.

QRG Tweet by Bill Slawski

For the lay person, you might be asking:

What does QRG mean?

It stands for the “Quality Rating Guidelines” published by Google.

The “search quality evaluator guidelines” are given to the “10,000 search quality raters worldwide” who help Google add a human touch to its Artificial Intelligence and other algorithmic ways of deciding what shows up at the top of billions of daily searches.  The latest edition of the search quality evaluator guidelines was updated on July 20, 2018.  (click on the link <— if you want a copy).

While we won’t paste every aspect of the 164 page edition of the latest guide here, we will at least highlight the contents in the following screen captures of the table of contents.

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