I’ve got a lot of opinions, but the most passionate of them all is doing business correctly.  Not only doing it the way it “should be done,” but also doing it ethically and fairly.  More on the latter later, but I’ve got a beef  (or rather a joke to share) with a website a friend showed me today…

A friend who was considering applying for a position at this company in Marketing or Sales, but of course wanted something closer here in Seattle.  They’re based in Chicago or thereabouts, but they have a web page telling prospective employees to sign up for future jobs.  However, the funny thing is that you can fill it out, you can click on all the types of jobs you want, but…

Yah, WTH?  How does GroupOff, I mean GroupOn get your data from the form?  There’s no “send” or “submit” button.

So, here’s a word to the future wise: Do the same navigation as your clients would on your website and make sure there aren’t broken things like this or you simply are wasting your time online.  What’s the use of doing SEO (local, national or International) if what you’re bringing them to is broken.  It’s wasting your time and theirs.

groupon should learn how to turn on the send button

is it groupoff?

**Note: I can’t guarantee this is a problem for all browsers, but the one I used today which was Chrome.  However, Groupon should realize Chrome is one of the fastest growing browsers being used right now at 19.2% (Oct 2010, w3schools.com) and has doubled market share in less than a year.  Firefox still leads at 44.1%, IE dropping down to 29.7% from their once high and mighty reign with Safari & Opera getting the crumbs at less than 5% each.

**So, I was saying that for Groupon’s sake, but one more beef, I have to share today.  I know today is a Friday and most people like to slack off on this day, but basically creating problems on your website in the middle of the day is a no, no on working days.  I believe web traffic is highest on the weekdays during business hours and here at a little after 1:00p, this message pops up on Groupon’s site.  I definitely will be calling them GroupOFF from now on.

updating a major website in the middle of the day?

I was wondering why the site was slow and why their competitor DealPop literally popped up in milliseconds.  Now, I know why.  Their Engineering department isn’t the wisest or I got them at a bad time orrrrr I should say their executive team isn’t the wisest since they’re not paying attention to the engineering team or maybe I should just say their business, which is their website.

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