Getting used to the new adwords interface has been challenging for many.

Finding great data like that provided in the old interface can be challenging. One feature that was easily found in the old interface was the:

Dimensions Tab in Adwords Offering Many Default Views

You could see your campaigns from many of these views: 










For example, you could see all the different locations that potential customers were viewing your campaign in the:

Geographic Report in Adwords

In the new adwords interface, where is the Dimensions tab?

It’s in the top right when you click on “reports”

After you click on it, it will even say “(formerly Dimensions)” in the drop down menu labeled as “Predefined reports.”

Once you do click on it, it will show the new list of options to view your reports:

The basic view will spawn many more views including:

These include most of the traditional views including: Account, Campaign, Ad Group, Keyword, Search Terms, Final URL, Paid & organic, call details, free clicks, automatic placements (group), campaign details, ad group details and message details.

The “time” view will spawn:

Your regular intervals include: day of the week, day, week, month, quarter, year and hour of the day.

And the “conversions” options are:

And they are: conversion category, conversion action name, conversion source and store visit.

There also a set of “labels” views:

The different levels of labels are: campaign, ad group, ad and keyword.

The “geographic” views still exist:

The geography options include: geographic, user locations and distance.

“Shopping” has a set of views:

They include: category, product type, brand, item ID, MC ID, store ID, channel and channel exclusivity which look mostly like it helps google’s shopping engine.

“Extensions” do as well:

The normal extensions exist including: sitelinks, call, app, offer, location, callout and review extensions.

And the “display” campaigns:

These are just two: topic and audience.

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